Friday, January 21, 2011

Where I have been...

I just got a message from one of my cute readers wondering where I have been... Well, I had a baby two weeks ago! I was so uncomfortable towards the end of the pregnancy, that I could barely move, and sitting was extremely uncomfortable. So... there was no crafting for me. Well, I did design and put together some darling burp cloths that my cute mom sewed for me. I also made a super cute car seat shield. I will post the photos later. Here are a few photos of the past three weeks...

I am keeping it real... Yes, I was this huge! Can you see why I was so uncomfortable? These photos were taken the day before I delivered, Jan. 5, 2011.

Our last pregnancy ended with a sweet stillborn baby girl. This pregnancy gave me anxiety the whole time, but ended perfectly. The labor and delivery were super emotional, because of our last experience, but I couldn't be more happy with the outcome.

This is our sweet baby boy:

Rhett Erickson Baker
Jan. 6, 2011 3:06pm
8lbs 2oz 20in

I set up a little photography studio in Rhett's room, and these are a few of the photos I like. He was 5 days old. I read that 5 days is the perfect time to photograph a newborn, as they are still sleepy, but don't have baby acne or anything. He was the perfect little model, and slept through the whole thing!

I love my little bundle! He is as sweet as he is cute. I forgot how much work newborns are! I know I will sleep again someday soon :) Things are getting back to normal, and I hope to be blogging again really soon!