Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The WITCHES at Gardner Village, and giveaway winner announced!

Winner of the ebook from is Nicole. Nicole, you will be contacted shortly. Thank you for entering the giveaway!

If you haven't had a chance to visit The Witches, at Gardner Village this year, you have a few days left to do it.

I got to go to a Witches Night out, sponsored by My Craft Channel, and Gardner Village. I was a blast!  I hung out with some old friends, and met some new friends.

We listened to a speaker, and visited some awesome shops. 

My favorite shop is Storybook Nook.

I have a large collection of holiday books for my kids, with lots of Halloween books. They have all sorts of titles that I had never seen before, and I was so excited!

 My kids favorite book is, "Frank was a monster who wanted to Dance."

I got to meet and hang out with some amazing bloggers.

It's always fun to see the witches all over Gardner Village.

If you get a chance, you should for sure go to The Witches. You will love it.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mom of the Month! (and a sweet giveaway)

My darling friend Leslie, at chose me as mom of the month, and asked if she could come photograph me and my kids in our home, and asked if I would answer a few questions about motherhood and creativity over on her blog.

To read what I have to say about Motherhood, click HERE.

The fabulous news, is that Leslie is going to share her photography secrets with one of my awesome readers, for free! Details below.

These are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot in my home.

Some of the things that I love about Leslie's photography style, is her use of color and light...

And, how she captures everyday moments. She is gifted! I feel so lucky to have these photos and to be a mom!

I certainly don't feel like, Mom of the Month, and I think my kids were a little confused as to why she picked me, haha ;) Thank you Leslie! I am honored.

Here is a little clip of what I had to say:

Do you have any advice for mothers trying to find their talents?
Each one of us has talents that are so special, and individual. If there were a million of me walking around... life would be so boring! My advice would be this: Don't be afraid! Try new things. See what makes you happy. Find your own personal style (trial and error is the best way). If you don't like a project you have done, or an outfit you have worn, tweak it until you do. It took me 7 years and lots of moving furniture and thrifting, to actually feel like I nailed my living room. Be happy for and supportive of your friends in their creative endeavors! Don't give up. Don't be too hard on yourself. Have fun. If thrifting is fun for you, do it! If running is fun, do that. Don't be afraid to start. Don't worry if it's not perfect the first time!

Again... If you want to read more of what I have to say about Motherhood, and Creativity... hop over to her blog, and check it out, by clicking HERE.

Now about the giveaway!

To be entered in a drawing to win a free e-book that teaches you all about how to use your dlsr camera, (information HERE) leave a comment on my blog! You can even request a mini e-book for free. Just enough to get you started. Leslie is so talented. Whoever wins is SO LUCKY! Woohoo! Thanks Leslie!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Terrariums

Here are the links to the Halloween Terrariums I am sharing on Studio 5 today!

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Pet Store Terrarium


You will need: 

A container. I snagged this from my laundry room. Holds clothespins normally. I like to pretend I hang my laundry out to dry...
Black Aquarium Sand. Pet store.
Black Aquarium Plant. Pet Store.
Tomb Stones and Candy. Dollar Store.

The candy comes inside the tomb stones. They are 3 for $1.

Put it all together, and wallah!

Super fast, super easy Halloween project, created by you!

Now, wasn't that easy?

Also, while you are there, look at the aquarium haunted houses, and sunken pirate ships. So many fun things that could work for Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Terrarium Tutorial

I decided it would be fun to make a Halloween terrarium this year, and ... OH MY, did it turn out CUTE!

All the supplies came from
Have you been there? It is my favorite nursery, the largest producing nursery in Utah. Their gift shop is AMAZING!!! You would have to see it to believe it! I went in hoping to get a couple fairy sized items, and HIT THE FAIRY HALLOWEEN JACKPOT! They have a huge selection of Fairy Garden Halloween items, in addition to a fun and unique selection of other Halloween decor.

These are a few pictures I took with my phone while I was there. They have so many fun things!

In addition to this, they have the fairy garden section, and whole area with fall and Thanksgiving decor. They also have a huge selection of non holiday items. That was just the gift shop! The nursery portion of J & J is massive and beautiful as well. You really must visit!
Before we get started with this tutorial. I want to tell you my favorite things about this project... Besides how adorable it is.

1) It is alive, and who doesn't want fresh living plants in their home?
2) After you are finished with Halloween, the small decor items don't take up much room, and you can store them very easily. Which is great, considering the big visual impact they create when the piece is put together.
3) After Halloween is over, you can use the plants for something else in your home.
4) It is so versatile! You can change it every year, and even put the items in a flower pot on your porch, or in your flower beds the next year. It is almost an heirloom piece, as it is so unique.

Okay, on to the tutorial:

You will need some sort of wooden container, weather it is an old drawer, or a crate. The one I used came from J & J. You will need coco liner. It comes on a roll, and you can cut off as much as you think you will need for your container. Also from J & J.
You need dirt, from your yard, or you can buy it. You need a piece of fencing from the fairy house section. This piece is $7.98, and is probably the most important part. It makes everything stay together, and really gives it that unexpected feel that makes this project so fun.

The first thing you need to do, is set your container on top of the piece of coco liner, and cut or tear the the edges so you can fold them in when you put the liner in the box. I started out cutting the liner, and found that tearing was actually easier - messier, but easier.
Next, put your coco liner in the container. You might find that you need to tear a little more to make it fit. Fold the sides in like a gift box. You will probably need to tear off some of the excess from the side flaps, so it doesn't overlap. Now, you can staple or hot glue your liner to your container. I used hot glue for this part.

Line the front of your coco liner with moss.This next step is the most important. Place your metal fairy fence over the top of the moss. 

YOU NEED TO STAPLE the fence down on the sides, with a powerful stapler. This will insure the integrity of the piece, and keep the dirt and everything inside the box.
After you have secured the fence, go ahead and fill the container you have created with dirt. Now comes the fun part... Plants and decor. Lets start with the plants. J & J has the most amazing selection of succulents, ornamental peppers and mini grasses I have ever seen! Each of these plants is perfect for Halloween! You can decide what you want.

See how they look planted? Too cute!
Next, pick a floral pic! I loved the simplicity of the black, but they have all sorts of colors and styles to choose from. This one is wired, so I could form it how ever I wanted. It is $6.98.

I love how it looks like a haunted tree!

These fairy items are just too fun! I recommend getting the package they have put together. It costs $40.98. It is a bit of an investment, but like I said... Heirloom piece.

This is what you get.

You can buy additional pieces like these, and more of what comes in the package above, like the candy corns.

Look how CUTE it all looks together!!!

I have to say... The little robot man really makes the whole thing! My son dressed as a robot for Halloween a few years back, and I died when I saw this character. I had to have him!

I love him, and his scarred little eyes!
Next, just start arranging and rearranging, until you find a display you like. I left my plants in their pots, because I wanted to be able to easily pull them out, and use them for something else after the season is over.

I love the 3D effect of the witch legs sticking out of the front of the container - ADORABLE!

I hope you are feeling a little inspired today. You can make this project! It is fun and easy, and will be a memorable holiday piece in your home, for years to come!

Thanks for stopping by. If you like what you see, please leave a comment, and head to J&J. You will be so glad you did!

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