Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pioneer Day Party ideas, and an Instagram Giveaway!!!

I decided when I reached 1000 followers on Instagram, I would host a giveaway. I reached 1000 followers yesterday, and it coinsided perfectly with my last Studio 5 segment! So... I am giving away this adorable doll that Brooke Walker and I made on the show this week. To win, follow me on Instagram: @restlessrisa_risabaker, and tag a friend! Giveaway closes Sunday night. Winner announced Monday morning! Good luck!

Here's the link to my Pioneer Crafts segment!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Little House on the Prairie Party

This year, when my daughter told me she wanted a Little House on the Prairie party, I was SOOO excited!

The invitation was adorable. It was an apron that I made for each girl and wrapped up in butcher paper. I had to keep the party smaller than usual, because it was SO MUCH work to make the aprons and bonnets.

I created the invitation in pic monkey, using the clipart I bought on ETSY. You can find the clipart HERE.

When the girls arrived, they each got to fine the bonnet that matched their apron, and put it on.

The setup was charming!

The floral fabric set the mood for the party, and I found it at Walmart!

For more detailed information about the party games and activities, see previous posts.

Before the party started, I took my daughter out to the filed behind our house, and shot a few pics of her. I  love how they turned out!

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Embroidery on Hankies

For my daughter's Little House on the Prairie Party, the girls got to embroider on hankies. It was so fun, and they loved it!

I got a whole set of about 30 daring floral hankies on ebay for $14 from this store: thomas wushilei

Photo creed, thomas.wushilei

I got out mason jar rings and rubber bands for the girls to use as embroidery hoops, but they didn't seem to want to use them, and just preferred their hands.

They just drew their own initials on with a pencil, and stitched over it with the embroidery floss of their choice.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rag Doll (No sewing required!)

For my daughter's, Little House on the Prairie party, the guests all made rag dolls. The girls did a great job, and the dolls turned out so adorable!

Here are a few pics from the party. The girls had fun, and were so creative!

I spread all the fabric strips out on the floor. Did I mention I get my fabric at 
They are my favorite fabric shop!

It was super easy for the girls to do, and they caught on right away. They could all do it themselves, which is always a bonus!

Doesn't my daughter look lovely in her prairie attire?

To make your own


You will need:

6 1" strips of white fabric
30ish strips if patterned fabric cut or torn into 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch strips
6 to 10 cotton balls

For my fabric, I tore 1" strips of regular 45" fabric in strips, then cut it in half, so each piece of fabric ended up being about 22 1/2" long.

Make the arms first. Tie a knot on the end of three of the strips of white strips, and braid about 6ish inches, leaving one side untied. You will tie it after the doll comes together, and you see how long you want the arms to be.

Place 3 strips down on the floor first. This will be the head.

Start layering 12 to 24 of the patterned strips on top of the white, with the printed side down. This will be the top of the dress. Layer more strips if you want it more full, less strips if you want the skirt less full. Make sure to leave about 3 strips out of the mix for additional ties you will need to make.

Place 3 cotton balls in the center of the circle. This will be stuffing for the head.

Reach your hand under the whole thing and flip it over, holding on to the middle. Then, tie a thin fabric strip around the neck, synching it in nicely.

Next, decide what part of the white you want to be the face. Insert the braided arms in the middle of the fabric.

Insert two or three more cotton balls for the chest.

Flip the fabric over, and wrap another strip around as shown in the photos.




Time for the bonnet. Cut a 3"x3" piece of fabric, and fold in half diagonally. Place over the head as a bonnet.

Tie with another thin strip of fabric.

Tie more fabric around the waist if you feel like it. I wanted more red, so I did. This is also a good time to tie the other arm off at the length you wan't, and cut the excess fabric off.

I LOVE how she turned out. Wouldn't she be darling on a young girls bed?

Five little rag dolls all in a row.

Here are a few more closeups. They don't stand. I have them all on upside down cups.

Thanks for stopping by. Get out your old fabric scraps, and make a rag doll. They are addictive!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Utah Pioneer Trivia and DIY chalkboards

If you are a Utahan, and love our state holiday, July 24  Pioneer Day, as much as I do, you might consider bringing the pioneers back into Pioneer Day this year.

I have a fun idea, for a way to do just that!

Pioneer Day Trivia on homemade chalkboards!

There are loads of  tutorials for making a diy chalkboards floating around on the internet. I will just tell you, in a nutshell: At Home Depot, I purchased a thin piece of mdf for around $4. You can have them cut it up for you, or you can do it yourself. I cut it myself, because I have a saw. I got eight chalkboards from each piece of mdf. After it is cut and sanded, you paint it with chalkboard paint, and you are already to go! I think I even saw chalkboard the last time I was there that you could just have them cut, if you didn't want to deal with painting.

I used the chalkboards I made for a Little House on the Prairie Party I hosted for my daughter's birthday (more to come). You can see them laying out as part of the party display.

I used fry boxes, wrapped in cute strips of coordinating fabric to hold the chalk and erasers (cotton balls).

I asked each girl questions about my daughter, and they wrote their answers on their chalkboards. She has some sweet friends!

It was such a fun game!

I thought why not do this at a family party, and ask family history questions, or Utah Pioneer trivia questions?

Below, are links to websites with fun trivia that you might like to use for your family gathering.

It would be so fun if you have a family history buff in your family, that could put a quiz together about your family history, to help educate your family, and bring you closer to your ancestors.

So, I know that not everyone has time to make chalkboards for the 24th of July celebration. This could easily be done on paper, but the chalkboards really give it that pioneer feel, and make the game more memorable! It would be a fun tradition to start this year!

I hope this helps you bring the pioneers back into Pioneer Day this year!

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