Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter photos for decoration

Placing photos of your kids around the house makes them feel so loved! I love to frame different photos of my kids for every holiday. I thought the Easter photos turned out really cute!

The frame with the mat is from Wal-mart for $3, and the 5x7 photo was developed from Costco for $0.39. There is no reason not to do this in your house as well! When the holiday is over, put the photos back in the box until next year, and use them again! I have done this with Halloween for a long time, and it is so fun to see costumes and other memories displayed in our house every year.

The way we got these pics was going to farm and feed stores. For you folks here in Utah, we liked Peterson farm and feed in Layton the best. They have tons of bunnies and chicks you can hold. Just be sure and bring the camera!

***Warning... your kids may beg to take one home!!!***

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