Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Shower Banner

I hosted a baby shower this weekend, and I wanted to do something different for the banner (without having to spend any additional money). So, I decided to make a onesie banner, using the onesies I was giving to the mom-to-be as a gift.

First, I have to apologize, because the photos are not very good. I started taking the pictures, then my card was full, then the doorbell rang, and people were here, so I didn't get any really good shots taken, but it was darling.

I used the same table cloth and basic decor I used for Sophie's baptism luncheon.

I just got twine, and used old fashioned clothes pins that I purchased from Hobby Lobby to hang the onesies.

The onesies were my gift to her, and I just took them down at the end, and handed them to her. She loved it, and I think everyone else did too.


  1. I just threw a baby shower and thought about the clothes pin onesie idea... it looks so darling and sweet. LOVE IT!

    I have my baby shower pics. up on my blog if you want to take a look. P.S. I am a new follower of you too. Have a good one. Jenn

  2. I thought the banner was a darling idea. The whole shower was great! I know Jill and Lindsey really appreciated your hosting it. It was so fun seeing you and Sophie! Thanks for getting my camera back to me.

  3. I am sitting here wondering what else you could hang/gift later... Coloring books at a birthday party? ...Napkins for a bridal shower...You have opened a new world for me.

  4. Everything was beautiful for the shower!! You're so creative. I loved the close-line with the onesies:)