Monday, April 26, 2010

Easy Baby Bib Tutorial

This bib was super easy, and took about 1/2 hr to make - start to finish, and I didn't even have a pattern.

Supply list:

1/4 yard fabric for the front.
1/4 yard fabric for the back, and the letter.
(You will have so much fabric left over, that you may be able to make about 5 more bibs if you choose to do that.)
Rick rack and ribbon in your choice of length and color.
( only used about 7 inches of each)
Extra wide double fold bias tape.

Cut out bib using pattern provided at the end of this post.

Lay ribbon and letter where you want it, and cut ribbon to size.

Pin on ribbon , letter, and top section of bias tape.

Sew on ribbon, and top stitch letter.

Zigzag over letter with a tight stitch. Be sure to leave the needle in, and turn the bib to get the proper angles for the letter when you zigzag.

Add any additional ribbon you way want... Like I did below...
Sew the bias tape on the top.

Pin bias tape around the entire outside of bib, leaving enough for a cute tie on the top/back.

Sew bias tape in place trying to get as close to the edge as you can without going off.

Turn the top edges of the bias tape under, so you have a finished edge, and stitch to finish.

I know this pattern is funny. I just traced what I cut out. You are welcome to use it, or make your own.

Enjoy! :)


  1. cute, cute, risa!! :)

    for those messy eating jobs - i bet you could use a large wash cloth or maybe trim down a hand towel for extra absorbency ;)

    so great! thanks for sharing!

  2. love the combination of fabric and colors- you have a good eye for that. Thanks for the pattern!

  3. Very cute and simple bib!


  4. This is very cute! I love that it has ties and is simple to make!

  5. stop're just too cute!