Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cowboy Birthday Party Preparation { Part 3 - Sawhorse Horse}

I knew I wanted the kids to be able to lasso a horse for the party, and went to the DI last week, and found a sawhorse (just the bottom part of this - the legs) for only $3! I put it in my cart right away, and this lady kept following me around telling me it would look great in a family room with a quilt draped over it. I think she wanted me to give it to her. I have given things to people in the past if they are drooling over what I have, but I knew I wanted this. I had NO idea how CUTE it would turn out!

So... my AMAZING MOM (restlessrona) brought it to life! She found a picture of a horse head on line, blew it up, and cut it out, and traced it onto a piece of wood. She then cut it out, and hooked it onto a 2x4 for the neck. She also cut out ears, and drilled them on.

My mom hooked the neck of the horse to a peanut shaped piece of wood, and then hooked that to the original saw horse legs.

She drew a face on it with a marker.

Isn't she just so good???

She drilled holes for the mane, and wrapped the end of a rope with tape, then hot-glued them into the holes, and separated the rope.

She did the same for the tail.

I got a small woo hoop, as my kids call them, or a hula hoop as the rest of the world knows them, from the dollar store, and wrapped it with dollar store rope.

Restlessrona used a combination of spray paint and stain, and ended up matching the legs perfectly!!!

It turned out cuter that I EVER imagined!!! Now that the party is over, I need to figure out some way to keep it. Maybe I will use it in the playroom???

Again... thank you mom!!! You're the best!

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  1. What a cute, yet simple, party idea for a boy! I'm glad you included a link to part 1 because, somehow, I missed seeing that. You're amazing! (So is your mom.)

  2. I kept peeking down the road from my deck on Friday. All the kids were in the front yard at the time...I think you had a horsey for them to ride??
    DARLING saw horse.


  3. That is ADORABLE!!!! I want to go to a party that you plan. You always do the funnest things. Great job to you and your mom.