Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome To Summer!!!

I want to preface this post, by saying I know it seems a bit over the top... but it's FUN to be a mom, and do fun things for the kids!!!

I have this AMAZING girlfriend, Kami. She was the inspiration for this post.

Thank you Kami!!!

So, I was at the DI the other day, and got some books that were in nearly new condition for my kids. Kami and I both LOVE the DI, and I many times show her what I get. I was showing her, and mentioned that I wanted my kids to have new reading material for summer. She told me to put them in a "Welcome To Summer" basket. I thought this was a great idea. She told me she does the same thing for her kids, and also includes pool toys, a towel, and goggles etc.

I started thinking about what I would be getting them for summer anyway, and decided to give it all to them on the last day of school.

This is how their beds looked when they got home:

Each kid got a pool robe, (They were at Costco, and I couldn't resist.) summer pajamas, books, a beach pail full of pool toys, goggles, and a towel from the dollar section of Target, a vhs from DI.

Look at the "I want to be a space pilot," book. I am going to display it in my boy's vintage robot room. I was so happy to find such a darling, vintage book! The illustrations and story are darling!

It was fun. I think next year, I will also include a job chart, and summer workbooks!


  1. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing, I've still got a week and a half before school's out, I should be able to get something kids will love it!

  2. Very cute idea, I wish you were my mom. I am going to have to do some of these ideas next year.

  3. what a fun idea! your cowboy party looked so fun by the way. my boys would die, if a real cowboy showed up to their party. your blog is so fun!

  4. I miss you Risa... Today I was thinking (after only 1 week of summer) How am I going to handle my kids, their driving me crazy!

  5. Thanks, Risa! My kids think I'm way cool because my name appeared on a famous blog! Such a fun idea to put it on their beds when they came home from school- love your fun way of presenting things!

  6. Brilliant idea!!! We are in year round, so I still have sometime to toss something together. Thanks... once again;)

  7. next time I go to the DI I want you with me!

  8. Wow, what a great Halloween Calender for the kids!! I can't wait to get started, we especially like the treats to give kids.