Friday, September 24, 2010

Finished Advent Calendar

I have put the final touches on the
Halloween Advent Calendar
It is ready and waiting for one lucky person.
Take a look at the finished product!

This is the 9 day Calendar I made on Studio 5 with Brooke Walker.

Here is a closer look at the pockets:

Day 2

Day 4

Day 6

Day 8

Nine days is the perfect amount of time if you are not wanting to spend much money getting things together.

Remember, You can still enter by clicking HERE. You have until Sunday night to enter. I will announce the winner Monday afternoon. Good luck!




  1. Restless Risa!!
    I knew this was you - I saw a link to your blog while looking at a design idea on another blog and thought, "I wonder if that is my super creative crazy friend Risa." And yes, yes it was!
    Totally excited to see all of your great ideas and not surprised at all at how much you are doing and with all of your fun energy! Hope you are doing well -you are so talented and I'm glad to see you are doing so much with it. I'll keep watching for you :) You did great on Studio 5, by the way!