Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sentimental Christmas & Mood Lighting

My daughter asked me the other day if I had ever been kissed under the mistletoe. I replied that I had, and she said, "I bet millions of times!" I don't know what kind of girl she thinks I was in my single life! Now, I reserve mistletoe kisses for my husband only! (Maybe a kiss on the cheek for my kids!) I thought I would take it a step further, and hang our very own mistletoe over our bed!

So, I got a bunch of mistletoe at the dollar store - complete with red ribbon and gold bells which I promptly removed. I bought ribbon and tulle to match our room, tied it all together, and hung it above the bed. There you have it. A little Christmas romance in the bedroom, for not a lot of money!

This next idea has been brewing for months! I wanted to do a sentimental tree in our bedroom. Did I mention Christmas lights are very romantic? Who am I kidding... I'm 8 months pregnant, and exhausted! At least I am trying - right? I try to do a sentimental or romantic gift for my husband every year, and this year was no exception. I just decided to stick with the sentimental ;)

I thought I was buying a white tree, but when I opened the box, it was silver. I actually don't mind it, and it works well with the bedside lamps. These photos make my bedroom look like it is painted a dusty rose, but it is actually more of a purple. Maybe I will post a bedroom before and after reveal.

The thing that makes this tree sentimental, is that I have thirteen framed photos of us on it. One for every year we have known each other. I had tons of fun looking through the old photos. I plan to add to it every year, and hope it will someday be a keepsake for our kids or grand kids. The day I set it up and my husband came home and saw it he really liked it! I don't think he would have if it were not for the photos. He probably would have just thought it was a waste of money. Would I ever waste money??? Well, maybe. We had fun looking at our old photo memories together. The kids have liked it as well.

This is a photo of us on our honeymoon in 1999!

What do you do to make Christmas special for your significant other?

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  1. LOVE the mistletoe! Your tree turned out beautifully. The silver is great!
    Since we weren't home enough this month, I saved my frames to do for Valentines. I need to find a cute tree to hang them on that's not pine.

  2. Your room is sooooo super pretty! love it!

  3. Your room is sooooo super pretty! love it!