Saturday, November 12, 2011

WIZARD OF OZ party, part 4 - The Decor (Good Witch Bad Witch)

This table was really fun, and cost next to nothing!!! I used my everyday dining table. The pink satin table cloth is a twin sheet from DI. I already had the black. I like how the lacy part of the black overlaps the pink.

Starting with the, "Good Witch," side...

My friend Candy made the crown. Isn't she just the best!?! She made it out of poster board from the dollar store, metallic puff paints (I knew they would come in handy one day), and glitter. It turned out SO CUTE! I just set in on a plate from DI, and that pink pail was also from DI. I used it before for my daughter's baptism luncheon to hold the gigantic marshmallows on a stick. You can see it HERE.

I made this printable in picnik, and framed it in a frame I already had.

The frame is sitting on pile of books, covered in fabric from DI. I love their fabric! You can get a whole bag for $2! I used the picture of the good witch from the scrapbook paper I mentioned before, and put her in a frame.

The bad witch side of the table was fun also! I used the hat from my daughter's Halloween costume and sat it on a wreath stand. I then stapled tulle to more scrapbook paper from the set, and hung it on another wreath stand.

I framed a flying monkey that came in the scrapbook paper set. I had found a silhouette of a flying monkey online, and I thought about puting it on a canvas, but ran out of time. I think this looks fine though, and ties in with the rest of the decor.

I knew I needed a crystal ball, but figured I would have to make one, and I did.

I was at DI with my mom, looking for things for the party. I found this ugly candle stand for $1, and told my mom I needed a glass light fixture to top it off. Two minutes later, there she came with the glass. It was $.50. Thanks Mom! So, I spray painted the bottom, cut the characters from the scrapbook paper, taped them to a dowel, and stuck the dowel in the hole that was already in the candle stand. It worked out so perfectly! I am keeping the crystal ball to use in my Halloween decor in future years. I LOVE it.

It turned out really cute!

Check back, for the next table - The Emerald City!

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  1. HOLY MOLY :) So awesome!! I especially love these good witch and bad witch tables :)