Monday, March 19, 2012

Indian / Bollywood Party - Part 1 {invitations}

I started planning Sophie's birthday party months ago. I started a pin board, and had fun collecting all sorts of ideas about Indian culture. You can see my board HERE.

I made this invitation in picnik, and thought you might like to see the process.

I started with a piece of clip art... actually a coloring page I found on Activity Village. You can see the original page HERE. I brought it into picasa, and cropped the boy out, then collaged it, placing the girl on the side.

Next, I brought the picture to picnik, then added the circle and stamp and saved it. I like saving along the way, otherwise, things start moving around when you add text and other elements.

Next, I added the oval, and faded it, so that I could put most of the text on it, and the text would stand out, but the other designs would still show.

Next, I added the text.

I also made a CD cover to slip into the cd's I was giving to my helpers as gifts. But, the night before the party, my computer crashed, and I didn't get to print them or burn the cd's :( You make the cd cover by using the invitation before adding text, cropping it to cd size, and then adding words.

I love how it turned out, and brought it with my to an Indian market. I showed it to the girl working there. She loved it, and said it would be perfect for a baby shower. She was pregnant. I offered to send it to her, and she told me she was having a boy, so I hurried and whipped up these boy invitations. I e-mailed them to here, but never did hear back. Maybe I wasted my time?


  1. I'm so so sad that picnik is shutting down, I have been trying out other sites, but haven't found one as user-friendly or with as many options. Your invite looks great!

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  3. Love your ideas!
    I love these invites too. I have boy/girl twins and want to make a bollywood theme for their next birthday. How much would you charge to share the ivnite? Thanks, Car

  4. Great design!!! I am a teacher planning a unit on India for next year. I love the combination of fonts you used for "Indian Style". Can you please share the names of these two fonts and where you got them. Thanks!!!

  5. All the fonts I used were from picnic by picasa. They are still available. I am not sure of the names, but you will see them there when you look. Good luck, and I hope to see what you did. Did you see the Diwali lanterns and the footless sandals we made? I bet the kids would love it!

    Thanks fr your kind words!


  6. These are so cute! And, so sweet of you to whip up a boy version for the girl at the market. I'm currently planning an Indian elephant theme first birthday party for my son (he's half Indian). Great job!!