Saturday, March 10, 2012

Indian / Bollywood Party, Part 4 {Indian Photo Shoot}

When I discovered there was a Krishna Temple in Utah, I was SO EXCITED! I kept my daughter home on the warmest day leading up to her birthday, which happened to be the Monday before, and we drove to Spanish Fork, UT to check it out. It really is lovely, and the perfect place for a photo shoot. Every angle is beautiful, and no busy distractions in the background. The people that care for the temple are SO nice. If you would like more info about the temple, you can check out their web site HERE.

I purchased her sari at the Salt Lake City location of the Krishna Temple. it was only $18. I was very pleased to have found it!

I have to admit... putting a sari on is a bit confusing, so when we got to the Sri Sri Radha temple in Spanish Fork, I was all about asking for help, and they were very kind to show us how it's done.

Next, we needed to pick a bindi (jewel worn on your forehead) They are only like $2 for a pack of 18 to 20.

Then, outside for photos...

My mom made her hold her hands that way. She was a good sport!

My mom pointed out this spot for pictures, and I love how they turned out.

These ones kind of look like tourist photos, like she is in India!

I love this one too.

And here is a pic with my mom, in the same place.

A few more.

Here she is in the earrings my sweet grandma who passed 10 months ago made. I wanted her to wear them the minute I found the sari.

Here are a few more candid shots.

I love her little face in this one :)

I had to get a few shots with her before we left.

I had planned to blow a few of these photos up and have them on display at her party, but my computer got a worm right before, and I couldn't even access them :( I was SO SAD. I am glad to have them though. What other Utah girl has photos of herself like this???

It was a great day, and I am so glad we got to do it. If you get a chance, you should visit the Krishna Temple. It really is lovely.

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  1. Sophie is SO beautiful! I love that you made this photo shoot happen! You have energy all in the creative places right now!!
    Great photos! Say HI to yaya for me!! xox