Saturday, March 10, 2012

Indian / Bollywood Party - Part 7 {Footless (Barefoot) Sandals}

One of the other activities we did for the party was footless, also called barefoot sandals.

I put the kits together beforehand. My daughter helped me separate all the beads, and cut the string.

Then we put the kits together, using scrapbook paper and small bags.

I put two staples on the back so you wouldn't be able to see them from the front.

Finished kit.

Of course, they were on a cute plate :)

I had one example ready for them to follow.


Cut a piece of string that will be long enough to go around your middle toe, and tie behind your heel. Be generous with the string. I made a mistake, and bought a string with gold running through it, and it kept separating while the girls were threading the beads on. I felt bad for them. So, don't do that! ;)

Just a note... you can do whatever you want for the next section. I just did what worked for the beads I had. You can be creative once you get the basic idea.

Thread nine small beads into the middle of the string, and tie a knot with both ends of the string, right next to the beads. You can see above.

Thread a large and a small bead, and tie another know with both pieces of string. Do this three times total.

Thread three large and three small beads onto each string, and tie a separate knot on each side.

Put the sandal on by threading your toe through the loop, and tying the remaining string around the heel.

So... I think these would be fun to wear all summer. I am a barefoot girl, and these would dress it up a bit! My daughter plans to make them in a bunch of different colors, and wear them all summer.

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  1. for an Indian wedding, may I suggest another type of bottomless sandal? You can find them at They're a bit different but are perfect for just about ANY barefoot occasion. JAN