Thursday, May 31, 2012

DINOSAUR PLANTER Teacher Gift tutorial

 Super EASY and INEXPENSIVE teacher gift!

Our family went to Dinosaur Land over Memorial Day, and I was looking up fun dinosaur crafts. This was one I found, and instantly fell in love with! I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to dinosaurs. You can see it HERE.

  First, you start with plastic hollow dinosaurs. I got mine at Wal-mart for $1.

Cut the tops off with an exacto knife. Be careful. I cut myself!

I thought I was being so smart, in spray painting them. 

 It stays sticky, and never dries out. I waited 2 days.

Paint them with craft paint. It takes a little longer, but works SO MUCH BETTER!

 They turned out so cute, I told my mom I want to put them on my mantle in my living room! She though that was a little weird! I might just do it!

Here is a printable I made.
 And... a few more shots!!!

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  1. Thanks for your tips about the spray painting. I won't do it and I'll use a brush intead. Cute dinosaurs :)