Monday, September 2, 2013

Painted Antler Decor

Today, I am sharing with you my newest DIY decor piece, that I am SO excited about!!! It is an antler that I picked up on vacation this summer, and glammed out. It is now sitting proudly on display on my coffee table in my formal living room.

The kids have been begging to visit Mount Rushmore for a few years now. We decided this was the year to do it! We stayed in a cabin in a little town called Custer, SD. 

Every day, as we were going on our outings, we drove down Main Street, past this truck who's entire bed was full of antlers! I didn't think much of it, until the last couple days, when it dawned on me that maybe the antlers were for sale!

After all, the store where the truck was parked is called Claw - Antler & Hide Co.

I decided to drop in, and


Is there such a thing? I think so... I have been pinning painted antlers on pinterest for a long time. You can visit my antler board HERE.

I bought a bag full of antlers, and brought them back to our cabin. Mr. B was like... "Why do we need those, Babe?" I was like... "Have you seen all the painted antlers on Pinterest?" He obviously hasn't! 

I put a picture of my find on Instagram, and my insta-friends were dying! I got lots of comments from friends asking me to bring them back antlers! So I did. I went back, and got a second box of antlers to bring home.

These antlers are kind of old, and were rather clean. I just put them in a bath of soapy water to get the dust off, and let them dry.

Then, it was time to paint. If you are spraying antlers, a grocery bag and painters tape will be your best friend. Slide the bag over the part you don't want to paint. Tape the top with painters tape. Spray on a layer of primer and let it dry.

Then, spray the color you want to paint and let dry. Next, slide another bag over the antler tips, and then tape crisp lines around the bag and antler tips.

Spray the color you want for the tips.

Wait for it to dry, remove the tape and bags, and you are all set!

You will have a great conversation piece for any room in your house. I originally made this for my master bedroom, but loved it in my formal living room! 

I love the juxdeposition of the high sheen and metallic paint, with the exposed natural antler.

Okay now... go raid your husband's antler stash! You might want to ask him before you paint his antlers though. I know how proud men can be of their beloved antlers. If your husband doesn't have an antler stash, you can visit They ship, and the cost is actual and low, because the antlers are not heavy. If you live in the Utah, contact me. I still have some antlers left.

Come back soon, to see what I did with my full set antler mount! It is glamorous and fabulous! You won't want to miss it!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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