Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holiday Card Packaging Ideas!

I love getting Christmas cards in the mail, and I love it even more when the envelopes are fun! Today, I am sharing some super fabulous ideas for packaging your holiday cards. The first idea is SO easy!


Paper bags are so popular. My favorite place to get them is

The thing that is awesome is that if you get your cards at Costco, they will fit perfectly into a large paper bag made envelope!

I shared all these ideas on Studio 5. Watch the clip here:

To see a clip of the packaging ideas, visit Studio 5. It wouldn't allow me to paste the code here for some reason...

There are so many fun patterns, and even sizes now days. I also like the idea of designing a smaller version of your holiday card using an app like Rhonna Designs, and putting a small square card in a small envelope.

The best ever life saver for a busy mom, is a personalized stamp. I also got this from

Makes the address job so easy!

If you are still looking to add more interest, get out your washi tape! Washi tape is sure to dress up any envelope! And… you guessed it… the washi tape came from PICK YOUR PLUM as well! Thanks Pick Your Plum!!!

This might be my favorite idea yet! Take your favorite picture of your family, and use the program PIC MONKEY to add your address. You can use different colors and fonts. It really is so fun.

Then, when it's time to print the label, tell the printer that you want to print 16 per page. Make sure you tell it to include the entire image, or you might lose some of it.

You can print it on sticker paper, and simply peel and stick, or print is on regular paper, and glue it to the envelope. More work, and less money… Here are some more pictures of other fun cards I will be sending out this year.

You can cut with a paper cutter, scissors, and even use a punch! Get creative! Go nuts! Have fun! You have my permission!

Thanks for stopping by. Tune into Studio 5 today at 1pm mst. I will be sharing all these ideas, as well as the customized family portraits I have been sharing all week.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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