Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Ghost Game

This is a Halloween twist on a game we have played as a family for years! It is perfect for game nights. Its easy to make, and you might even be able to do it with things you already have on hand.

You get dollar store ping pong balls or eyeballs, cover them in muslin or white fabric, and tie with a string to make them look like a ghost. You also get a giant funnel from the dollar store. 

The finished game will look like this.

Your balls need to be able to fit in the funnel.

The person starting has the funnel in one hand and 2 dice in the other and starts rolling the dice. Every time they come up equaling 7 the person who rolled tries to trap the ghosts with the funnel. Any who get trapped have to give the trapper two of whatever you decide to use: pennies, beans, candy etc. I put little white beans in plastic cups. 40 per person. 

This game moves fast! You set a time for how long the person gets the turn. If a person pulls their ghost out and the dice don't equal 7, they give the person rolling the dice one bean. My kids loved this, and we had $5 up for grabs. In my family growing up, we would play this at Christmas sometimes, and tie foam curlers instead of making ghosts. Sometimes we drew  blood!

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