Sunday, December 13, 2015

DIY Yarn Bottle Brush Trees

I have been seeing these daring yarn bottle brush trees all over Pinterest lately, and fell instantly in love with them. They add warmth and texture to any winter scape, and are perfect for holiday decorating!

You'll need:
Yarn, Scissors, Craft wire (I happened to have floral wire, and it worked just fine.) Wire cutting pliers, Cork, Small Nail.

I wrapped my yarn around my fingers until I felt like I had enough, then slipped it off my fingers. I cut up each side, and laid it in the middle (near the fold, which will be the top) of a long piece of wire that was folded in half. THIS is a great example of how to do it. I did it at night, in a room without proper lighting, so I did't get great pictures of the process. In the example, they used pliers to twist the wire. That was hard for me, so I ended up just twisting the wire with my hands, and it worked great! When you end up with the wire twisted as tightly as you can, it's time to give your tree a trim. You'll have a large pile of cutoff yarn.

After you have trimmed enough off, twist the remaining bottom wire to add sturdiness, and cut it off. Choose the cork you want to use for the base. You can also just cut the wire off at the bottom of the tree, and not use a base. It will stand up on its own. I wanted my trees a little taller, so I added a cork for a base. I used a nail to poke a hole in the cork, and then put the wire base in the hole. The wire I used was not strong enough to make its own hole.

You are finished, and have a darling little tree. I love that this project doesn't cost much, and that you can customize to any color you want, to match your color scheme.

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  1. FINALLY I get to see the yarn bottle brush trees!! ;) You are so creative- love it all!