Sunday, January 24, 2016

Caveman Cake

After deciding on the caveman theme, my son told me he wanted a caveman cake, with a real cave, made out of cake. Crickets chirped. How on earth was I going to do this? I saw exactly two cave cakes on Pinterest, and  they were not the most helpful, but one recommended using a bundt pan. What a great idea!!! I used 2 cake mixes. I added an extra two eggs per cake mix, to make sure the baked cake would not be too fluffy or crumble. I put 1 plus a little more in the bundt pan, and then filed 4 other pans with the rest of the batter. The other pans I used were the kind you use if you want to bake your tortillas in the oven for taco bowls, rather than fry them. Random, I know, but they were just the right size! I cut a piece out of the bundt cake for the cave opening, and put it upside down on an upside-down cookie sheet. I then topped it with a mini cake, and cut up two of the other mini cakes, and places around the bundt cake, to make it look like a real cave. I almost forgot to grab a picture, but snapped this last minute, right before covering it with frosting.

I used 3 cans of dark fudge frosting, and a can of salted caramel frosting to give the varying colors of, "dirt."

I decorated with malt balls, and sprinkles that I had in my cupboard.

I hadn't really envisioned how this would turn out, and I was pleasantly surprised when the finished product was so adorable, and was an actual cave! I put my foam board up to snap a few pictures. My awesome mom, who came dressed from head to toe for the party a few hours earlier, helped hold it for me. She really knows how to make things fun and funny!

My son requested caveman peg dolls, and I topped it with those, making for a perfect caveman cake!

More on the caveman peg dolls next!

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