Monday, March 11, 2019

Fascinator DIY

For the QUEEN BEE TEA, we also made fascinators.  They made these at the beginning of the party, so they could wear them during afternoon tea. It was so fun to see the different styles and personalities come out as they created their fascinators.

I had a table of supplies all ready for the girls when they arrived.

Our guests got right to work, and laughed the whole time!

They were all so creative!

To make a fascinator, use a disposable plastic lid as a base, and hot glue to attach everything. Wrap felt around the lid, and then top with flowers, ribbon tulle, butterflies, birds, and whatever you can think of is great! Our favorite was to add Russian tulle, also called birdcage tulle or millinery tulle. This is the tulle that hangs over they eye on a real fascinator. Regular thick skirt lining tulle works too!

The girls were so creative!

They worked on their fascinators for two hours!

Be sure and glue felt to the bottom, and then cut out a felt circle. Glue it to the bottom so that you can slide a headband in and have it be held in place by the felt circle. Decide where you wan tot wear it on you head, and have fun! The girls liked wearing their fascinators to the side.

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