Monday, April 2, 2012

$.25 Wallet {Reusable Shopping Bag Part 5}

Yes, you read it right. I said $.25 wallet, because you can get 4 of these out of a $1 reusable shopping bag. This one can be a little more confusing, but it's not so bad. ;)

Start with whatever bag you choose. Cut out a section about 8 inches down, by 11 inches across. I cut too much out in this picture, and had to cut it down. You can decide if you want to use the top (finished part) of the bag or not.
Cut the back (patterned section) off the bag, and cut the side part on the seam, leaving the patterned portion connected to one of the sides.

Fold the side back in.

Then fold the patterned portion to meet the bottom of the green side.

Then, fold it where the pieces you folded in half meet.
This will make the inside of the wallet.

Now, take the side portion you had left over, and fold it in half.

Lay it on top of the inside of the wallet, and see if it is the desired height.

Pin it just to the middle section.

Sew two vertical lines, to make the pockets large enough to fit a credit card. You need to do this before sewing all the sides together, or you won't be able to fit any bills behind the cards. You can also sew a straight line down each side at this point if you want.

What you are looking at here, is the wallet unfolded after sewing the slots. You see the inside, and the back.

This is how the inside will look - this is where the dollar bills will go when the card pocket is folded up. Make sense???

Fold it in half, and zigzag the sides. You could also do a cute fancy stitch if you want :)

I forgot to do this the first time, but you need to sew a regular line of stitching across the bottom, or your cards will fall out. I found out the hard way, and was finished taking pictures before I realized. So, picture a line of stitching across the bottom black band.

Last thing to do is add a Velcro dot (or 2 if you want). I only added 1.
Look how it folds up so cute!

That really wasn't so bad, now was it???

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