Monday, April 2, 2012

$6 Jewelry Organizer {Reusable Shopping Bag - Part 6}


I was at Homegoods, and FELL IN LOVE with these bags!!! They were $2.99 each, and smaller than the $.99 bags, but the colors were SO LOVELY, that I couldn't pass them up. Like I say... they are smaller, and thicker, so I knew they would be perfect for holding large amounts of jewelry for an extended amount of time.

Do you remember what I was doing before? You can read about it HERE. If you don't want to read about it, here is a photo. My son is jealous!

On to the tutorial...
Cut the sides and straps off your background bag, leaving the finished edges intact.

Do the same to the bag you will use for the pockets.

You will also be using the bottom, so cut it where the folded part meets the side, then cut on the fold.

Cut strips out of the bag you are using for pockets (I only used the tops - finished edges), and place them where you want on the organizer. I could have made more pockets, but I liked the background too much, and didn't want to cover it up.

I used the bottom of the bag for the pockets on the other side. I like using the fold that is already there. Notice how I left the finished edge on the sides?

Cut the straps in pieces, and pin them in place on the bottom of the bag. I thought about putting a button on these, so they could open, but that is too much work ;)

I did 3 loops on one side, and 4 on the other.

Sew all your straps in place. I know I could have made this look better, but no one is going to see it (besides you), and I know you won't judge ;)

Then, sew each pocket on at the sides.

Sew across the bottom of each pocket. Sew vertical lines where you want the pocket separation to be. I didn't put many separating lines in. You might want more.

The picture doesn't show it very well, but you need to sew a straight line across the top, leaving a gap that will fit the head of a hanger.

It will look like this from the top.

Sew the bottom where the fold is, so it won't flap out when you hang your jewelry on it.

The sides will be left open, so you can slide a hanger in, and through the top. I started with a regular sized hanger, but went to a child's hanger, so the sides of the hanger didn't hang out the sides of the organizer.

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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering where you bought that red and white bag from?? I really need something like that for an indian wedding!