Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Halloween Mom Zombie (Mombie) T-shirt

Weather it’s ghouls night out, passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, or simply running errands during the month of October, this Mombie t-shirt is the perfect piece to bring in the fun of the season. If you’re buying one for yourself, your sister, your mom or a girlfriend, it’s sure to put a smile on any face. Remember to print off the free mombie pennant, if you’re giving it as a gift. We are all in this together. #mombiesunite! 

This t-shirt is being offered exclusively at FAVORED YOUTH


Complimentary tag is being offered in my ETSY SHOP. Get one for yourself, give one for a gift!

The mombie pennants come on a sheet of four, and formatted to be printed on 8.5x11. 

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Halloween Pennant Printables

 Halloween pennant flags are my favorite thing this year! I designed a couple different kinds. They are available in my etsy shop. You can purchase them HERE and HERE. They are perfect for gifts and sticking in plants or containers around the house, or in boo baskets.

What would you use a pennant flag for this Halloween?

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Monday, October 5, 2020

Halloween Boba Drink

Boba Drinks are perfect for Halloween! 

We love getting boba drinks at our favorite Thai restaurant. We have tried all different kinds. They way they serve it is basically with a milk shake/ smoothie on top. We love sucking up the boba pearls and chewing them. The black tapioca pearls make for a perfect companion to most any color of drink! I am decorating a lot with pink and black this year for Halloween, so I chose to do black boba with a pink drink! I wanted to share the fun with you today. The first thing you need to get is boba. This is what I got. It's an affiliate link. If you click on and buy a product from being on my website, I will make a small percentage. Thanks for your support! 

Prepare the boba according to package directions. 

Boil 10 cups of water. 

Carefully add 1 cup of boba.

When the boba floats to the top, turn the water to medium, and cover, for two minutes.

Then, turn it down to simmer for two minutes.

Take out of bowl (I used a strainer) and place in cold water for 20 seconds.

Move to a dry bowl, and stir in sugar. I used about 2 tablespoons. Let it sit for a couple minutes, before placing in cups.

You can use pretty much any kid of shake or smoothie you want. Traditional boba has tea in it, but I chose to do a milkshake/smoothie texture for my family. I wanted it pink, and kid friendly. For my recipe, I used:

4 cups ice

2 cups vanilla ice cream.

2 cups milk (more if needed)

1 cup strawberry quick.

Mix it together in your mixer, and pour over boba. top with whipped cream, and serve with a fat straw that you can use to suck up the boba along with the drink. 

Enjoy this fun and easy drink any time. It's a crowd pleaser for sure!

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter Dinner & Tiered Trays

I purchased tiered trays last year for my daughters birthday party, 
and decided to use them for Easter as well. 
We liked doing that so much that we decided it is going to be 
our tradition to use them every Easter. 
You can get your own trays HERE. They are a great deal If you you make a purchase, I will make a small percentage. Thank you for helping me out.
They disassemble very easily, and don't take-up much room for storage. 
I keep them disassembled in a drawer in my curio cabinet.
As for what we put on them, we put sweets on top, 
snacks in the middle and savory on the bottom.
We keep the food very simple.
I like to add little decorative elements, like chenille chicks and an egg. 
 My husband and I write a nice not to each family member 
and place it in the egg, for them to read.
I hope your family has a lovely Easter!

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Easter Dinner and Tiered Trays

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Easter Wreath - Plastic Eggs

Plastic Egg Easter Wreath!

This wreath is very easy to make. It comes together in about 10 minutes, and is not very expensive!

It's adorable and playful and would brighten up any door step!

You will need:
These are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase anything from my links, I get a small percentage. Thank you for looking!

14 Plastic White Eggs - I got mine from Hobby Lobby
14" Wire Hoop - I got mine from Hobby Lobby
Chicks on Twig - I got mine from Hobby Lobby
Various Ribbon - I got mine from Hobby Lobby. The ones I linked, could be glued to a twig from the yard, but I recommend the ready made light weight ones from Hobby Lobby.
Small Pieces of Wire for attaching the chicks - Dollar Store

First, cut the tire hoop apart at the place where the wires meet. I did this by squeezing and twisting my hand held wire cutters around the hoop, until it felt weak. I then bent ti back and forth until it snapped!

Separate your eggs, and drill a hole the size of the wire, in the top of each one. Be sure and put something underneath the eggs so you don't ruin any surfaces.

Next, snap the eggs together, and thread them on the hoop, You will put 7 on each side, with the top of the eggs pointing towards the center. I made sure to spin my eggs so the other little holes on them were not visible.

Once the eggs are all threaded, close the hoop by wrapping duck tape around the opening while the ends are pressed together.

Use two pieces of wire to secure the chicks on a branch in place.

You are almost finished! Cut and attach ribbon in any colors you choose to the bottom, attaching a small piece to the top between the top two eggs, for hanging.

This wreath is darling, fast and easy to make! I hope you love yours.

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Easter Wreath - Styrofoam Eggs

This Easter Wreath is quick, easy and so pretty! 

I was inspired to make this wreath by the lovely and talented ladies at Lolly Jane.

These are affiliate links. If you purchase something using one of my links, I make a small percentage.

Smooth Styrofoam Eggs - 16 total 
I got mine at Hobby Lobby. I got 2 bags of 12. They were 40% off of $6 each.
19" Wire Hoop I also purchased from Hobby Lobby.
Fake Flowers, similar to these. I got mine from Hobby Lobby.
A piece of foam board (dollar store) or cardboard
Hot Glue

Cut the hoop where it's hooked together. You will be able to find the line. I used regular hand held wire cutters. I just spun them around the line as I squeezed, and wiggled the hoop until it broke apart.

Poke a short hole in the styrofoam egg with a large needle or some sort of other sharp object. Follow up by twisting a drill bit that is just a bit larger than the width of the wire, by hand into the egg. If you do it with a drill, you may destroy the egg and make the styrofoam come apart. I did not take a picture of this.

Thread the eggs on the wire form. Put eight on each side. Thread each side with the top of the egg pointing towards the top of the wreath. After you have threaded your eggs, close the gap by wrapping a small piece of duck tape around the ends while they are pressed together.

Hot glue the bottom egg on each side. This just helps everything stay in place while you attach the flowers.

Next, cut a small piece of foam core of cardboard to fit between the eggs. Tape it to the hoop with duck tape. You can also hot glue.

Tape and glue your flowers in place. I taped the first few, and glued the rest. I thought I would need more flowers than I did, and actually ended up editing and taking a lot out until a had a good balance of flower to wreath.

When you are finished, your cardboard might tip downward because it's heavy. Mine did. I remedied this by stacking and gluing foam core under the bottom of the styrofoam square holding the flowers. That pushes the base away from the wall and makes it lay nicely. 

I hung my wreath by tying a small piece of ribbon between the top two eggs.

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