Thursday, October 3, 2019

DIY Halloween Bats, made from Christmas Ornaments!

These little bats are the cutest thing, and so easy to make!

You need:

Small Black Christmas ornaments.
Black Lace
Black Felt
Jewels for Eyes


scissors and a hot glue gun

Cut a 1"x1" and a 1"x2ish" shape out of the felt. Fold each piece in half and cut the small one into the shape of the head, and the large one into the shape of the feet. 

Glue the feet to the top of the ornament. The bat will hang upside down. 

Glue the head to the bottom. 

Glue the eyes on. 

Glue the wings, either wrapped around the bat, or squeeze together to make open wings, and glue to the sides. 

Hang them up! I found a branch from my yard for hanging them. They were so fast and easy, I made a whole bunch! 

Halloween Golf Game

This Halloween golf game is AWESOME! You can set it up anywhere from a hallway, to a driveway, to a class room! Simply print the pages as 12"x18", and cut out the clearly marked holes in the bottom of the paper. 

Fold on the lines, and set up for play. I got a golf club and eyeballs from the dollar store. My kids also like to bowl with the eyeballs.

You can pick it up from MY ETSY SHOP, and print off as many as you like, or you can pick up a copy from Print & Main, in Layton Utah. If you get it from them, they will crease it, and you'll just have to cut out the holes. If you download and print it, you'll need to cut out the holes, and fold on the lines. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

DIY Acrylic Sign with a Marker

* This post contains affiliate links. Thank means, if you click on and purchase the links I have provided, I might make a little money. Thank you for your support.

These acrylic signs are super easy to make and inexpensive! You need a piece of acrylic from Home Depot, a water based marker like this and a base. You can make your own, or buy bases like these.

You print out a sign, and put it under the acrylic, then simply trace over it with a marker, and you're finished! I created bunch of adorable printable signs, and they are in my Etsy shop. You can visit my Etsy shop here. The signs are cute enough to print and display on their own, or you can print one and use it to trace for this project. 

When choosing a marker, only use water based markers, not oil based markers, and be sure and use the finest tip you can get. A fine tip is the key to getting the fonts to really stand out be distinct. Outline each letter, then fill it in. I used this marker:

Using only water based markers will insure you can clean it up and wipe it off if you make a mistake.   It cleans up by wiping with your finger when it's wet, or using window cleaner when it's dry. You might just need to let the window cleaner sit for a minute, before wiping off. Oil based paint will not come off the acrylic. It will come off glass with a razor blade, but a razor blade will scratch the acrylic.

My son had homecoming last weekend, and we hosted the dinner in our home. I decided to make each guest a place card, using the glass from dollar store frames. The kids were amazed when they walked in, and just loved having their own name at their place. They each got to take it home at the end of the night. 

So, it can be done on glass as well, but I would only recommend using glass for decor that is not going to be around children, wind, or in a place where it can be knocked over easily.

Acrylic Signs that Stand Up

I'm all about acrylic signs this Halloween!

DIY acrylic signs are my new favorite thing! They are easy to make, inexpensive, and fast. You can make them with vinyl, like I did with this big sign that I have sitting on my mantle this October. All you need is a piece of acrylic, from Home Depot, and a wooden base. My dad made mine on his table saw, by cutting a slit in a 2x4. You can also order them online 

When placing your vinyl on the board, just remember it's sticky! It's stickier than a wall, and will stick the second it touches. So, you'll want to make sure it's in the right place before letting the surfaces touch each other. 

Apply the vinyl, place in the base, and put it where you want it. It's as easy as that!

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