Friday, May 13, 2011


I don't normally post personal things on this blog, but I couldn't resist sharing this photo of my grandmother, taken in the 1930's. Isn't she just darling!?! My grandma passed yesterday morning, one week after her diagnosis of lymphoma.

Dear Grandma,

Farewell to you!

The Earth was a better and more beautiful place while you were here.

I will miss you until the day I die.

Thank you for being a fantastic Grandma and a sweet friend.

Thank you for inspiring me with your creativity, your beautiful paintings, your crafts, and jewelry making. I loved visiting you in the jewelry store you owned for a while. I remember pestering you for a doll until you gave it to me, even though my mom was mad at me for pestering you for something you could have sold in your store.

As a child, I loved to look at your beautiful hands, fingernails perfectly polished... just dripping with jewelry. Thanks for always letting me try on your rings as a child. I still like trying them on today.

I had such a glamorous grandma... an Elizabeth Taylor look-alike!

You had such an appreciation for PINK! I loved visiting you when you lived in your pink house on the highway. I loved all your pink dishes, decorations, linens, jewelry, and clothing! I also LOVED your white flocked Christmas tree with PINK ornaments!

The other thing I loved about coming to your house, besides seeing you, was all the candy dishes! They were everywhere, just full of all sorts of candy including powdered sugar dusted black licorice mints and rice candy with the papers that would melt in your mouth!

Thank you for the flowers from your yard you have given me that I have planted in my own yard over the years. Every time they bloom I think of you.

Thank you for loving me, my husband, and my kids. Thank you for making Christmases fun over the years with your imaginative gifts! Thank you for the handmade crocheted blankets for each of my babies, and for the knitted robot for Con. I know knitting that gave you a headache. He will treasure it forever!

Thank you for taking care of your mother, my Nana, when she was old and unable to care for herself.

Thank you for teaching my mom how to cook. We have all benefited from that! My husband and I make a roast the same way you taught my mom to make it. We sear it first in a super hot oven.

Thank you for your kindness to your pets, your family, and to others.

Your gifts and talents have passed down through the generations, and are alive still. Your legacy lives on in each one of your descendants. My baby has the same mouth as you. What a treat for me to look at!

Thank you for your example.

Thank you for being you.

Rest In Peace Grandma.

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always.
Forever and always,
MY grandma you'll be.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Picnik and Picasa

I am no photographer, but I am loving the program picnik, by picasa. Picasa is free, and does a good job. Picnik is $25 a year, and does amazing things! It is very user friendly. I asked my husband for photoshop for Christmas, and I don't feel I need it. Picnik is SO much easier to use, and you don't need a class to learn it! My friend Candy came over the other day, and showed me what you can do.

I was able to do this:

This was the original image.

The only features I used, were mascara, eye color, bright eye, and blemishes. If you want to do the same thing, go play in Picnik! It is amazing, and you will be able to teach yourself! I don't know how to show screen prints, or I would show you how my screen looked when I did it.

All you do is:

Click on your image.
Click "edit in picnik."
Click "touch up."
Click on "mascara," (or whatever you want to do.)
Size the brush however you want.
Click and drag over image wherever you want to edit.
Click, "apply."

Amazing what you can do in a few minutes!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dessert Sushi Tutorial

Remember the
Japanese Birthday Party
I threw for my daughter?

Well... here is the dessert sushi tutorial.

Dessert Sushi is SUPER EASY to make! Anyone can do it, and you don't have to bake anything!


You will need:

Powder donuts (mini)
Juju Fish (They come in a multicolored pack, but I used just orange.)
Fruit Roll-ups

Cut the donuts in half, as to create a half circle.
Set fish on top of donuts.
Cut Fruit Roll-up in 1/2 inch strips with scissors.
Wrap fruit strip around fish and donuts.

Easy Peasy & SUPER cute!!!


You will need:

Ho Hos
Gummy Worms

Cut Ho Hos in 3rds.
Cut gummies in 1 inch sections, then cut each section in 3rds long way.
Stuff gummies in the middle of each Ho Ho.

Dessert Sushi is super easy, fun to do, and is even something you can make with your kids!
The bright colors are sure to please any crowd every time!

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