Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gold Leaf Cameo Style Silhouette DYI

I have wanted to make silhouettes of my kids for years! I think they are so sweet, and charming. They  are a throwback, but I wanted to give them a modern twist. I bought all my supplies from Hobby Lobby, but if you are a couch shopper, you can find them through my affiliate links below.

You will need:

I use a little more expensive and nicer quality, for thicker paint and better coverage.
Gold Leaf Sealant
Paint Brush
Dry Brush

Snap a picture of your kids with your smart phone. Email it to yourself, and size it in a program like pic monkey. Print it out, and cut around to make a the silhouette.

You can embellish hair if you need to. I also made the eyelashes bigger than they looked in the picture so they would stand out. I also added a flip to my duaghters pony tail.

 Paint around the silhouette in the color of your choice. I thought I would try filling the gold in with a gold sharpie. Looked crazy, and didn't work at all.

Next, paint the gold leaf adhesive in the area where you want the gold to stick. Wait until it becomes tacky, and lay the sheets on the adhesive. Brush the excess off with a dry brush.

You can seal the gold if you want to. I haven't sealed these yet, because I don't think they will come in contact with much of anything. I life the freshness they bring into my home.

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Gold Leaf Pillow DYI

Have you ever wondered if you could make your own beautiful gold leafed pillow covers? You can!!! It's easy, and not very expensive.

You will need:

Small Paint Brush
Large Dry Brush

I have bought a couple of beautiful gold pillows lately, and started wondering if I could make my own. I looked on pinterest, and found someone that had gold leafed on a pillow. I will give you the link to her tutorial at the bottom of this post. I did a few things different that she did. 

I used a pillow cover that I bought (see affiliate links above). It is sewn, not heat bonded. It's legit. She made her pillow using a method other than sewing, and if fell apart.

The other thing I did, was to put a sealant on the gold leaf. You find it at Hobby Lobby right next to the gold leaf, or in my affiliate links above. I was unsure how this would work, but it has held up really well, and feels almost the same as my store bought gold pillow. My kids have been laying on it. There has been no flaking and nothing has rubbed off. I don't know that I dare wash it in the washer, but for now, it is doing great!

It looked so beautiful on the Studio 5 set yesterday.

All I did to make it, was tape wide strips of masking tape in strips a crossed the pillow. I then painted the gold leaf adhesive on the areas where I wanted the gold leaf to stick. I waited a few minutes until the gold leaf became tacky, and then placed the gold leaf sheets on the tacky glue. I rubbed the gold leafing in with a dry brush, and pulled the tape off. I then covered the gold leafing with the sealant. It dried quickly. The sealant changed the color of the gold slightly, for a few days. It brought a more orange shade, but after a few days, the color was back to the way it looked when I applied it originally.

I didn't snap any picture of the process, because it is pretty straight forward, but this is a picture of another leafing project I did that shows the brush that brushes away the excess leafing that doesn't have any adhesive to stick to.

It is a beautiful addition to my family room.

The metallic pillow post I followed for my pillow can be found HERE.

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Pirate party on Studio 5

I visited Studio 5, and stared my Pirate Party. This is the clip of my segment.

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Pirate Peg Doll Party Favors

If you have been with me for a while, you know I LOVE peg dolls! I try to work them into my parties any way I can. This pirate party was no exception.

I wanted to give each child a peg doll, but didn't want to take the time to paint them. I found the perfect solution!!! THIS ETSY SHOP  will send you a whole sheet of printable peg dolls for $3! They were the perfect solution!

So, I bought some peg dolls, and got to work.

I painted the heads first.

Once I wrapped the bodies, I decided it would loo good to paint the clothing on top, matching the lines and colors of the printable wrap.

We had three girls coming to the party, so I asked Dora, the shop owner if she could make girl printable clothes, and she said yes! By the way, I love this shop owner. She is so talented and so nice. I feel like we have become friends through this process, and we have never even met in person. She is amazing. Thank you Dora! Anyway, here is a link to her bog, where she offers the girl pirate clothing wraps. Link to her blog GIRL PIRATE CLOTHING WRAPS.

The party favors turned out daring in the girl version as well.

Now, on to the gift bag. I just used a sandwich bag. I filled it with sand from the home improvement store, then I added mini shells, beads and jewels that I already had. I ask added a cute treasure chest. I got a pack of 12 of these from Zurchers for $2.99. After filling the bag, close it, cut the topper out, and staple to the bag. Punch a hole 

My son had a ton of fun playing with his set. I also made him a little wooden pirate playset with my scroll saw.

I have two versions of the topper. You can do one with the peg doll, and one without, if you are unable to make them.

To download, right or double click on the image. Save to downloads. Pull up from where you have it saved. Choose to print 2 or 4 per page.

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Pirate Doll Instructions

After deciding on the Pirate theme party for my son, I decided to make him a pirate doll that he could use as a toy, and to go along with the party display. I love my decorations to be functional and cute.

He was so excited to get this for his birthday, and slept with it for weeks after.

I based my pattern on a set of dolls I made for my family a few years ago. You can see them and the link to the original pattern and instructions HERE.

I laid my fabric out in a size and shape that I thought seemed right.

I played around a bit, lengthening and shortening arms and legs, etc.

I sewed and stuffed the extremities first.

Then added them to the body, and sewed and stuffed it. Again, refer to my previous post for a link to instructions.

The last thing I added was the legs. Oh, how he loves it!

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Shoulder Parrot Pattern

When planning my son's Pirate Party, I knew each guest needed a shoulder parrot. The problem was figuring out how to make them! It took three tries, but I came up with an absolutely darling pattern that is easy to make, and just the size for a young child!

The kids went on a Pirate scavenger hunt to find the parrots at the party, and they were so thrilled when they found them!

They are the perfect addition for any little pirate!

Many of the moms told me the kids wore them for day after the party.

You can find the pattern here:

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