About Me

I am a wife and mother to one daughter, one son, and one angel baby girl. We have another son arriving in early January.

I have the best job in the business. I am a stay-at-home-mom. I get to stay home, and be creative (if I want to) every day. I love cooking and baking. I also love decorating and sewing.

I didn't grow up with much money, and learned from my mom how to make things work, and use my head for creative solutions. I don't like paying full price for anything, and get  a weird rush when I find a super great bargain! Much of the furniture and other things in my home are form thrift stores. I have made most of the window treatments and pillows in my home myself. I prefer NOT to have what everyone else has, and if I see something I like, I try to figure a way to make it my own. I like being different :) Luckily, I have a very supportive husband. In the early years of our marriage, he used to be concerned about my projects, and wonder why I was doing what I was doing (or choosing the paint colors I chose). Now, he is super supportive, and even offers to help! Thanks honey... I love you SO MUCH!

I love being a mom. My goal as a mom is to make my children's childhoods as memorable as possible. As a child, there were certain times I looked forward to every year. (Thanks to my mom.) The most exciting for me were... Halloween, my Birthday, and Christmas. Certain objects, music, feelings, and even smells trigger memories for me. I know my kids are the same way. My goal is to establish traditions and make memories that will last a lifetime. It has been fun to watch my kids remembering what we did at the same time last year, and look forward to doing the same things over again. The older my kids get, the more I realize my days with them are numbered. I want to make every minute count. In this blog, I will share some of those minutes with you.

Thanks for stopping by my little world today. I appreciate your time. I love getting feedback, and read every comment.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!

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