Sunday, June 12, 2016

BOHO bedroom

My daughter has been hinting for months that she would like a boho style bedroom. She was showing me pins of macramé, and saying how she wants all sorts of plants in her room. THIS is her old bedroom, so it was going to be a big change. I felt like the emoji that looks like a deer in the headlights, the shocked face. You know the one...

This is not a style I have ever decorated before, and I didn't even know where to start! But, I have done my research, and come up with a formula, sure to help even the most confused mom, channel her inner gypsy, and give her daughter (or herself) the BOHO bedroom of her dreams! 

BOHO, short for Bohemian, named after a group of people that inhabited present day Czech Republic, and were known for their gypsy lifestyle.

These are the 5 points that will help anyone achieve that gypsy feel.

1) WHITE WALLS - the detail for a boho style room comes from accessories, which will be rich in detail and full of texture. Paint your walls white, and avoid wall treatments, unless they are structural features, like exposed brick. White walls will brighten the room, and the bohemian decor will help the white not feel stark and cold.

2) USE LARGE SCALE WALL HANGINGS - We are seeing these all over the place, especially Urban Outfitters. They call them Wall Tapestries. I happened to have a Mayan Calendar tablecloth that we picked up in Mexico years ago. It was a perfect fit for the space.

It actually feels nice to move on from the collage wall, and still make an impact on a large wall with a statement piece, rather than lots of small pieces grouped together. 

Yes, that is a record player. We have had a blast with it! My daughter and my mom have bonded listening to old records that my mom had saved. I am lying on the floor, and listening to ABBA on vinyl as I type. My husband is confused my the record player, and got it for her anyway. He's a good dude. She has apple music, and can listen to anything on demand. But, there is something about hearing it on vinyl that makes you smile. She and her friends have had a blast with the records as well.

3) USE WOOD AND NATURAL MATERIALS  - I found this headboard at Ross for $39! Its not really a headboard, but a room divider. Think outside the box for what you use as a headboard. They range from $200-$600 online. This is really the centerpiece of the room, and adds so much interest with its dramatic height, and intricate detail. The thing that is so fun about it is that we turned her twin mattress sideways, and it feels like a couch, and opens her room up SO MUCH! She is now hanging out in there with friends, where she never did before we changed it up.

4) DECORATE WITH ITEMS FOUND IN NATURE - including shells, crystals, plants, rocks. They bring an earthy feel, and just look cool! Geodes and crystals have been hard to find in the past. I have always loved them, and am a rockhound at heart. They are becoming more mainstream. I even saw geodes at Target the other day. I also like to find them at stores like Homegoods and Marshall's. Look at these AWESOME knobs I found at Hobby Lobby! Crystal and agate in knobs make me so happy!  

I swapped out the top row of knobs on her ikea dresser for abalone inlaid knobs. Also form Hobby Lobby. I spray painted the bottom knobs gold. I can never escape the gold.

See the sea shell doubling as a jewelry dish? That was a shell that belonged to my husband's grandmother. I love having sentimental pieces in my decor.

I mentioned she wanted plants everywhere. She had been wanting me to tie some macrame plant hangers, but we found them at Target in the yard section, and liked them better. 

We like plants that don't need much attention. Snake grass, and cacti are our go-to plants for impact without maintenance. See the cool salt crystal? My daughter loves it, and thought I bought it for myself when I brought it home. She couldn't hide her happiness when I told her it was for her room.

5) ADD TEXTURE IN LAYERS - The lights hanging on her headboard are from the target dollar section. She loves them. When I first saw macrame come on the scene, I wanted to get far away from it. Same emoji face. I didn't like it, and thought I would NEVER put it in my home. Well, I am eating my words. We made two pieces for her room, using yarn, and sticks from outside. We just googled simple knots. They add texture and interest, and make me feel five years old again.

She loves them, and that's all that matters.

Most boho bedrooms have the mattress on the floor, with no bed frame, and no need for a dust ruffle. We couldn't quite go that far, and stuck with the bed frame - her choice. It is hard to find a day bed style dust ruffle, so I had to get creative. I got an old tablecloth at Goodwill. I cut it in half, and wrapped it around the box springs, letting it pool on the floor. Bed Bath and Beyond has these cool bed pins that twist right into the box spring to hold things in place. 

I see lace valances in second hand stores all the time, that would be perfect as dust ruffles. None of them spoke to me for her bed, but that would be a great option as well. I love the texture, interest and originality the lace brings into her room. The randomness of the placement of the lace helps it feel not stuffy or frilly. 

The other thing that is not authentic boho, is that we have pillows intentionally placed, and her bed is made. Most pics I saw of boho bedrooms had disheveled bedding, and not many decorative pillows. I just can't do it. Insert laughing until you cry emoji.

Her room is, "rad," from every angle - her words. Every time her friends come over, they all tell me how much they love look and feel of her room. I always find it interesting when they comment on the feel and the mood. That is just what I was hoping/trying to achieve, an overall light, and chill atmosphere.

I'll be sharing my son's room next. It's also really cool and desert themed. Be sure and check back!

Thanks for stopping by. 

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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