Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Haunted Houses

 These are a staple at our house around Halloween, and I have a fantastic tip for you, that makes it super easy, and 100% edible!

Start with cheap crackers,

that you don't have to break.

This is my tip... just melt regular sugar, over medium heat, like this:

Dip your crackers in, and the hot sugar works like glue! No more hot gluing crackers to disgusting milk cartons. 
 Fast, Easy, and Fun!

Make in advance for parties and family nights. We do the same thing at Christmastime.
Have a Happy and Creative Day!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ba-BEE shower for my sister-in-law

 Cathy's shower was today, and it was darling!

 When Laurel told me she wanted to do a bee theme, I got right to work, and created this pinterest board. What a perfect theme for a boy or a girl!

This is the invitation, created in Picasa:


It was bee themed, and so lovely! The backdrop was perfect! My sister-in-law Laurel has an amazing house. I could dedicate 10 posts to her house alone. It just went through a major remodel, and not a single detail was forgotten. Thanks for hosting Laurel!

 These are a few of the details: The bee canvas was made by my friend Laura at Corner House. Check her out, you will be glad you did! She also made all the cute honeycomb labels you see in the photos, and let me borrow the black frames and yellow napkins. Thank you Laura! You're the BEST!

I made the honey skep (bee hive) out of rope and hot glue. I started looking at them on line, and they are SO expensive, like $200 for a real one... Who knew?

My sister-in-law borrowed the glass beehive from a friend, and it sits perfectly on top of the runner I made for the day we blessed my baby. You can see the rest of the baby blessing HERE.

 The menu was delish, and decided upon by my sister-in-law Laurel. My other sister-in-law Karen, made the orzo salad. Click HERE for a similar recipe. I made the beehive buns, recipe HERE. I made them last night, so they were not perfectly fresh, but still pretty good! Laurel made the summer rolls and cupcakes, and both were SO yummy!

Here is a close-up of the cupcake topper. I just punched out some old book pages, and stuck some bee stickers I got at Bennion Crafts to the front, and glued 2 circles to a toothpick. I LOVE how they turned out!!!

Notice the cloth napkins and glass serving trays. If you have been with me for long, you know I am a sucker for cloth napkins! I used the glass serving dishes at my daughter's baptism, and they are always fun to eat on. You can see photos HERE.

Now for the LOVELY guest of honor. Cathy is such a beautiful pregnant woman. We are also so lucky to have her in our family, and can't wait to meet their new baby!

Here are some of the guests who came today! It is always so fun to see everyone.
 Margaret and the sisters and sister-in-law's.

We can't wait to meet you baby B!

We love you beautiful Cathy, and can't wait to meet our nephew!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Party Template

 With this week being fall break, I decided to have a little Halloween late night for each kid. They are just inviting a few friends from school for a few games or crafts (I haven't gotten that far yet), and a movie... probably Disney's, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."

 The kids are taking their invitations to school today. I designed them in picasa, and added these cute stickers for a little more fun, I found them in the stationary section of Target.

Here's a template for you. Right click, click "save image as," then pull it from your desktop into whatever you use for photo editing, and add your own text. I printed these as 4x6.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Owl Photos and Studio 5 Clip

 Did you know a group of owls is called a PARLIAMENT? Well, parliament has been in full swing in my house  for the past few weeks. I thought you might like a closer look...

 I think I am keeping these two. They look so nice nestled on my island for fall.

 Love the doily tummy!

 Love the lace, "feet."

I gave this one to my college BFF, Donnalynn, and she was thrilled!!!She took it home to Georgia.

Love the chevron tummy! If you want to make one of these little cuties, the tutorial can be found HERE.

If you missed my Studio 5 clip, here it is:

Brooke and Darin were extra nice that day, as was my producer, the helpers and camera people! I had a cold the night before, and didn't feel my best... felt like my brain wasn't working. But, it was fun anyway, and I think people liked it. 

My hubby came with me that day, and watched me tape for the first time ever. It was fun to have him there!

We took the train and went to City Creek for lunch after the segment at Hagerman's Deli. It was delish! Cell phone photos are never very great, but here we are at lunch.

Have a Happy and Creative Day, and thanks for sharing a little time with me!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall OWL tutorial

Owls have taken over my house!
They are easy, fun and addictive to make!

You will need:

1/3 yard for body, and scraps for the rest
Wood, including 2x4, base, and candle stick

Cut everything to the size you want. I have not included a pattern. Every owl I make is different, and I just make my own pattern, using scrap paper. Just make sure you make your body long enough to wrap around a piece of wood at the base.

1 -Sew stomach to body.
2 - Sew eyes to eye backing.
3 - Sew eye backing to body.
4 - Sew nose to body.
 It should look something like this. You can add the embellishments for the eyes with hot glue later.


Stuff it as full of batting as you can.
To attach the base, fold like you are wrapping a gift, and use your staple gun, or hot glue to secure.

 Attach to base either with glue or screws. If using screws or wood glue, do it in advance. If you choose to use hot glue, you can do it after. Embellish with ribbon, or whatever you choose. ENJOY! These make perfect gifts, and can last through the entire fall season.

I will be sharing a live demo of this on Studio 5 today at 11. I hope you'll tune in!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Home Lunch {made easy!}

 I decided to make my kids sack lunch extra fun this month. I took about 20 minutes, and wrote their names on all the bags they would need for the next few weeks.

Here are a few of Conrad's:
 Here are a few of Sophie's:
 The are just stacked in my pantry waiting for each day.
 Each one has a joke inside. You can find links to my favorite joke sited on my pinterest board. The kids love the jokes so much that they read them to their friends every day, and bring them home and show me (like I didn't read it already ;)
 Each one is also stuffed in advance with a Halloween napkin.
 I have a super fantastic group of girlfriends, and we get together on Monday mornings in October, to make treats for the kids. It spreads out the cost, and makes it go really fast, and not seem overwhelming! My friend Candy has taken charge this year, and she ROCKS! You can visit her blog HERE.

These are a few. I send one each day, and the kids think they are SO LUCKY!
 Store bought goes the fastest. And... no, I usually don't feed my kids processed junk food, but I make an exception in October.

This was so easy, and I duplicated it already! The kids think they are getting something extra special, but it is really just a sandwich!
My son, who normally begs for school lunch... hasn't even asked once! He is loving the home lunch.

I hope you'll try a few of these. It will make your October fun and memorable!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Embriodery Hoop Spider Web and Studio 5

This is one of the items I shared on Studio 5 a few weeks ago. It is super easy to make. All you need is an embroidery hoop, black fabric, thick thread and needle, and a spider. I think it's pretty self explanatory.

 If you didn't catch the clip, here it is:

I got to work with Amy again, and I hadn't done a segment with her in almost ten months. She is great, as is everyone there!

My bff from GA was in town, and she came with me, along with her many sisters. It was so fun!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!

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