Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bunny Topiary

I saw this project on another website, and thought I would give it a try! This is the website of the original:

This was SUPER easy, SUPER fast, and SUPER inexpensive!

Just get some foam, and some moss from the dollar store - I used 2 bricks. Hot glue it together if your bunny is going to be that big. I found a pattern on line that I liked a little better (for my taste) than the one from the blog, and printed it. I would post it, except that I don't have a copyright. Cut the pattern out of paper, and pin it to the foam.

Cut around the pattern with a knife. We did this outside, because it was super messy!
Then... glue on your moss. I found a stick in my yard that was left over from pruning, and used that to attach it.

Candy and Christine did this with me, and theirs turned out super cute as well... their pots are even from the dollar store! They wanted smaller bunnies, so they cut their foam bricks in half before cutting out the bunny. What a cute and inexpensive project!


Unknown said...

so fun and cute:)

Brooky said...

Hey Risa,
You are so talented! Rebecca Smith recently told me you had started a decorating blog and then I saw you featured on Studio 5 so I had to check you out! I love it. I think I want to make a carrot too, although I just made a dollar store wreath for my front door yesterday. So I will be checking back frequently.........I might even borrow you for your expertise, you decorating diva!!! FABULOUS!!
Brooke Wilkins

Brad Kami and kids said...

I LOVE the pots .... almost as much as those darling bunnies! So sweet :)

Candy McCall said...


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