Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick-or-Treat night & My Porch

I live it Utah, and yes... we trick-or-treat here on Saturday night if Halloween falls on a Sunday. Last night was trick-or-treat night here. It was soaking wet, but the kids still had fun!

This is how the entry part of my porch looked all month:

The witch legs were from Ben Franklin. They were $5.99 each. I inserted wire hangers in them, and put them upside down in my pots. I also filled each pot with gourds.

I used the same wreath I had in the spring. I just removed the blossoms and replaced them with a cut up candy corn garland from Taipan. I swapped out the ribbon, and hung a skeleton in place of our "B" monogram.

Part one of the trick-or-treat night transformation.
The Jack-O-Lanterns!

Part two, moving some of the inside stuff out...

Imagine, "Oggie Boggie," from, Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat blasting on the porch.

Did I mention it poured??? I opened the door to
cute little soaking wet trick-or-treaters all night.

Whew... it's over, and I have to admit... I am EXCITED to take down all the Halloween decor. I have already started. I can't wait for Thanksgiving, and setting up Christmas in four weeks!

What would I ever do without holidays???

K, I have to be realistic... the baby is coming in just over two months... I am just hoping I can have enough energy to have everything look just the way I want it to look, and be able to put it up and take it down when I want to. Wish me luck!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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MOMmandments said...

You're amazing--enough said!

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