Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PIRATES!!! Arghhh!

My amazing friend Kami organized summer mini-classes for kids in the neighborhood, and I knew I wanted to participate. This is where a bunch of moms decide on a time and place every week or every other week for their kids to get together for 1 1/2 hrs. Today was my day to host, and I decided to go with a PIRATE theme...

I had to control myself. It was hard... really hard.

The boys got here, and we gave them each a hat (from the dollar store, 6 for $1) Then, we read, "Pirates Don't Change Diaper's."

Then, we put together, "I SPY," jars. This was some of the stuff in them:

I got the idea from my SUPER AMAZING AND TALENTED friend Kassi.
Kassi... you really need a blog!
Here is Kassi's:

It was for girls, and cuter than mine. Here's mine:

I just used jars, fabric, and ribbon I already had, because I didn't want to spend any more money. And, these were for boys, so I didn't want to make them too froufrou.

After that, the boys made pirate ships out of popsicle sticks. (Also from the dollar store, and I spent a total of $2.) They glued them with Elmer's glue, and then I went over them with hot glue, so they can float in water if the kids want to do that.

My son says the "hole," in his pirate ship is so the pirates can see the treasure in the water below...

Here is a close-up of Brady's ship.

At first the boys were really worried about making them but they had so much fun, and the ships were really creative!

It was a swash-buckeling time! (Is that really a word?)

Then, I had a treasure chest for each one of them - also from the dollar store, 4 for $1. Inside, I put leftover stuff from the I SPY jars, and a ring pop for each boy. I was worried about ring pops for boys, but they LOVED them, and looked very pirate-like when they wore them! They took turns hiding them for each other, and played hot and cold to help each other find them.

I also made each boy a, "Booty Bag." I couldn't resist! I saw the fabric at Wal-mart, and it was $4.44 a yard. I got 3 bags per yard, and they were SUPER EASY to make! I told them that when a pirate goes swimming, he always needs a place to keep his booty, or his towel and sunscreen. One boy told me a booty is really a butt... yup! ;)

Aren't they SO CUTE! The fabric was my inspiration for the whole mini-class.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

love love LOVE!! All your activities and ideas are too cute. I am so glad you shared because I am having a pirate party for my son next month! I guess I had better head to the dollar store and see what they have by me. :)

Wendy said...

I wish I lived in your neighborhood! So much fun!

AmyD said...

Super fun idea…. and I do like the way you held back… because I am sure you could have went to town on this theme. It was the perfect amount! Good job!

Brad Kami and kids said...

I am crazy about the fabric (ok I'm crazy about everything!) Looks like such a fun time-- those lucky kids!

Josh and Becca said...

Risa, you are so creative. Where can I sign up? I wanna attend one of these classes?? :) You're awesome!

udy family said...

LOVE the post!

Kathleen said...

So, if it was so easy.... can you tell me HOW you made those adorably cute little pirate bags? I can barely thread a needle but DANG those are cute!!

Brooke said...

So so cute! I can't wait to see all of the stuff.
When I talked to Brady he was so excited and LOVED the class!

Noelle said...

So cute! My little girl (who will be 4 next month) wants a pirate birthday party. I'm glad to know the dollar store has all my pirate needs. Thanks for the inspiration!

Megs said...

What a fun party. You are the party mom. I need lessons from you.

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