Saturday, January 7, 2012


Rhett's party was last night

Let's start with the tables where everyone sat shall we?

Do you remember my Wizard of Oz party? Well, I used the napkins and runners I made for that party here as well. I made a gnome family and mushrooms for each table (there were three). They are sitting on round wooden disks from Hobby Lobby. I used a yard of the brown polka dot fabric cut in half for each table, and put it under the runner for added interest. I bought moss covered rocks from the dollar store. One bag for each table. The plates and cups are paper, and from Wal-mart.

Admittedly, I am a little gnome obsessed!

This is the main food table. My fabulous friend Candy loaned me the lanterns. Thank you Candy!!! They all have battery operated t-lights in them. (Thanks mom for picking those up for me!)

Do you recognize the gnome family on display from my previous post?

I just used random fabric and other decor I already had.

This is the dessert table - cute right?


This may be my most favorite cake I have ever made! I thought I had all the ingredients for it at home, but I didn't. I had even thrown out my bundt pan, because I, "never use it." That's what I get for trying to declutter my house. Luckily, I have a fabulous friend and neighbor Kristen, who not only loaned me her pan, but most of the ingredients for the cake and frosting as well. Kristen - I owe you! Thanks! She also gave me the recipe, and it was delish!

Not to mention cute! Yup, I put a gnome family on top, along with a bunch of mushrooms and green sprinkles on the frosting!

I didn't want to cut it. I just wanted to keep looking at it!

The kids love their brother!

I think he liked it!

So fun to make!


Remember my last post about making the gnome families, and giving a gnome bowling set to each cousin? Here is the finished product!

Also, remember how I was making something for the baby cousins? How do you like these plushie gnomes? They were super easy. The hardest part was figuring out the pattern.

They were cute on display as well.

I guess you could call these favors. I put large and small gum drops on dowels to make mushrooms, and then stuck them all in a pot I got from DI for $1.50.

I used the same basic idea for the mushroom cupcakes. This time, I used gummy hearts and white jelly beans on toothpicks.

I decided the day before the party, that I wanted my family to be in gnome hats for the party. They were SUPER easy to make once I figured out the pattern. I didn't finish any edges, just sewed the seams. I love felt! I even made Rhett's outfit. I used knit, so I didn't have to sew any edges and he would be comfortable.

This was such a super fun and memorable night! Hum... what am I going to do next year???

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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Tausha said...

fabulous party! You are so creative and go above and beyond! Congrats on being so flippin awesome my friend! have a happy weekend!!

Michelene said...

So cute! I love it.

Alexis said...

It is all so cute, I can't stand it! Love, love, love the dolls and Gnome family favors.

Kristin said...

Risa, you never cease to amaze me. This party looked soooooo fun and you had so many cute ideas. I loved everything. You are so talented.

Unknown said...

Really cute party. Love the gnome hats and the cake!!

shelley said...

well, good gravy, maria.... you hit it out of the park with this one!! :)

what a cute and original idea for a party and totally, awesomely executed !!

the cake, they plushies, the bowling gnomes, oh my!!
love it !!

Happy Birthday Cute Rhett!

Unknown said...

OH MY!!!! this is the most adorable party I have EVER SEEN!!!! I adore it! Great job. You rock!

Toni said...

Wow! Cutest party ever. You're amazing and awesome and crazy talented!!!

Samantha said...

I am IN LOVE with this party! THis theme is officially added to my list O' future party themes! Great job!

Rebecca Neville said...

Wow, you weren't kidding, that is the cutest party I have ever seen!! I love how you got everyone to wear a gnome hat!

Brittany Schwaigert said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

Sew Can Do said...

Absolutely adorable! Such a fun and unique theme. Would love for you to link this to my Craftastic party:)

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

So adorable!! I found you via Sun Scholars and am a new follower.

MiaB said...

This is TOO cute!! love, love the creative decorations :) Would like to invite you to share this with us at Sharing Saturday here...

Thanks so much and have a great weekend,

April's Homemaking said...

Oh my goodness!! I am a huge fan of gnomes and have been wanting to have agnome themed garden party for quite some time- what wonderful gnomey ideas!! Love it!!

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Super cute party - love gnomes!!!

Carrie said...

What a great party!! I love all the work you put into it. Thank you for sharing it at Sharing Saturday! I hope you will share with us again this week!

lindsey said...

i'm in love with the invites you used. where can i find them?

Lauren A. said...

I would also LOVE to know where you had the invitations done? My son's 1st b-day is right around the corner and I'd like to see other options (because they're beautiful!)

restlessrisa said...

Hi ladies. I found them by doing vintage gnome google image searches. I don't have the exact location anymore. Hope that helps!

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