Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glacier Valley Giveaway Winner Announced!

Wow! What a great response! I just used to generate the two winners of the contest, and they are:

#23 Triana, who said "I follow your blog!" (May 9 @ 10:25am)
(Triana, please contact me in the next 24 hours to claim your prize!)


#31 Matt & Marci, who said, "I "Like" glacier Valley on FB"
(Marci, I have your e-mail address, so I will be contacting you shortly! Thank you!)

Thanks everyone for your entries, and your kind words!

Here is one last berry basket idea that I didn't get to spend much time on during the show Wed. This cute little hot air balloon is SO EASY to make, using a berry basket, tape, and light weight ribbon!

Cut 4 pieces of ribbon (I used gift wrap ribbon.) in equal lengths. Tie one piece if your cut ribbon to each corner of the berry basket, leaving a, "tail." Tape the other side to the balloon, leaving a, "tail." Curl the, "tails," with scissors. You could fill it with anything for a party... popcorn, trail mix, small cookies, toys... Anything! You could also use any color or style of balloon you want!

Don't forget... today is the last day to enter the $25 gift cert giveaway for GARNISH!!! 

You can enter HERE!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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