Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Craft Wars Viewing Party

 Last night I went to a Craft Wars viewing party for an AMAZING fellow blogger Mandi, from Vintage Revivals, who was on the show! The lovely and talented Bridget hosted. You can check out her blog HERE. I should have gotten a picture with her!

Look at the cake in the above photo. Can you believe how awesome it is? It was made by Ashlee from She rocks!

Did I mention...
Well, I do! Are any producers out there??? Do you read me???

I got to have a few photos with my gals.

Kirsten Crafting Chicks, Me, Mandi (star of the show) Vintage Revivals, Amy Pink Parlor Designs. I love Kirsten and Amy and have met them before. I had never met Mandi before (although we did a segment for Studio 5 together), and she is amazingly warm and kind. Did you know she also did the Nate show??? She is super talented. You would think it would have all gone to her head, but it hasn't. She is AWESOME!

At blogger parties, there is swag and there are drawings. I happened to win the best prize there!!! Do you believe my luck!?! The prize was given by Brittney of One Charming Party, and Bake it Pretty. Her party blog is one of my favorites, and a couple years back, a bunch of friends and I got together to make a bunch of Thanksgiving crafts she had shown on her blog. She has an eye for amazing. Her baking line is also amazing! I am so lucky to get to meet her!

This is a photo of all the bloggers who won something!

Oh what a fun  night!

Thanks Bridget! You are amazing, you fun girl!

You can see Mandi's write-up HERE.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



Unknown said...

what an amazing looking event! And YES you totally should be on craft wars. If I knew any of the producers I'd fwd. them your blog in an instant!

Lori said...

How fun! I love that show! You should try out! ;-)

Bridget said...

You are the amazing one!!!!! I don't know how I missed a photo op with you :(


Unknown said...

So fun to chit chat with you!!! You are adorable!

Unknown said...

Looks SO FUN! I am totally jealous! AND BTW you are looking crazy skinny girl.

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