Monday, November 19, 2012

Studio 5 & my fabulous necklace!

On Friday, I had another opportunity to do a segment for Studio 5. This was a fun one, and I have to tell you... I have wanted to do a scroll saw segment ever since I got my scroll saw, 
My dad originally told me I needed a scroll saw, and I really didn't want one, because I thought it was just for cutting things out for tole painting. Well, you can do SO MUCH more with a scroll saw. Lucky me, I got to share my creations on Studio 5!

I have fun on the show every time I go. This segment was with Darin, who is always so great. I have to give a HUGE and well-deserved shout out to my producer Stephanie, who is so talented, and really knows what it takes to create/produce a fantastic segment, start to finish. She works so hard behind the scenes, and I don't think she gets nearly enough credit. We had fun shooting the clip for the beginning of the segment in my garage a month ago. It was a treat for me to see how it turned out, (I loved it!) and she was a lifesaver with set-up and coaching this time! I love you Stephanie. You make me look good! I love learning from you! I am lucky to get to work with and learn form you! Thank you!!!

Set up is always fun... the energy in the air... anticipation... I always have to snap a picture!

Do you LOVE THAT NECKLACE??? I know I do!

Here is another shot. Anyone that knows me, knows I might have a little jewelry obsession... just a little, okay, you got me, it's a big obsession! My new favorite place to shop for fabulous necklaces is Bridget's Boutique.

 She has beautiful necklaces that you don't see everywhere, but that are still well priced, well made, and on trend.

Look at this little lovely! I know the photo quality is not fantastic, but you get the idea!

Bridget's Boutique is offering a special just for my readers! You can get 10% off your order by entering the code:  risa  at check out! The price is only $15 right now. With the discount, that end's up being only $13.50!!! You won't want to miss this deal!

Here are a few more that she has in her store. I love the colors, the styles, and the selection!

I have a little secret... Bridget and her handsome hubby and darling son are the ones in the photo puzzle I demoed on the show! Aren't they just the perfect family?

So, head on over, and check her shop out. A necklace would make a great Christmas gift, and you might even consider getting a stocking stuffer (or two) for yourself! They are the perfect accent piece for any holiday party attire. So, treat yourself, or your friend, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, mother, boss. (Hint, hint... Mom, are you reading this???)

Still to come this week... play mat post, and polar play set post. I hope you'll check back!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

So darling!! Risa you need to make a nativity out of clothes pin dolls! Wouldn't that be super darling!!!

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