Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Tree in my Kitchen

 So, my husband got the potted trees out that used to be on my porch, and the bottom half of one of them didn't work. We both tried to get it to work, and it never would light up, so I had just one. I like my porch to be symmetrical, so decided not to put it there. I put this tree in my kitchen for fun, and decided to keep it. I found a bunting that I made last year, and wrapped the tree up (an idea I saw on pinterest just this morning), but it still needed more.

I stuck some wooden spoons in, but I still needed more.

 So, I got out my holiday cookie cutters. (I have no idea why I have so many!) Maybe because my mom always made sugar cookies with us as kids, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy?

I think it turned out cute for a kitchen Christmas tree. We'll see how my toddler does with it. The good thing about it, is he can't hurt it. And, it really brightens up my kitchen!

I have six additional trees in my house, and I will show them to you in the next little while.

Hope you are doing something fun today! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


1 comment:

Tausha said...

Love love love this Risa! I so wish that I had a tree for my kitchen. Maybe next year! Thanks for the eye candy friend!

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