Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tween Room Makeover


My daughter is getting older, so we decided it is time for her to move on the a tween room.  Tween rooms are tricky! She didn't want it to be little girlish. She wanted no pink. I didn't want it to be too grown up. This is what we came up with. We went to Lowes and she picked paint swatches. I took the swatches, and went shopping, and happily found the perfect tween bedding set! I felt so lucky! I have to admit.... I was a little sad to take the pink down.

I knew I wanted to make a collage wall for her, that really reflected her style, and what she is in to. 

I find frames at DI all the time, and like the oddly shaped ones. See the octagon? 

Let's go from left to right, starting from the top. 

The clock is Hobby Lobby, and was $10. 
The purple mirror was DI, $3. I sprayed it purple.
The green octagon was DI, $2. 
The white board was DI, $4. I sprayed the frame, then sprayed the back of the glass white, and she draws on the other side with dry erase markers. She is so cute, and calendars her days, and writes little quotes.
The empty black frame on top was DI, and $2. I am still thinking about what to put it it. I will know when I see it.
The large frame with a dancer inside was from DI for $8. I spray painted it. The dancer was a clipart I got from etsy for $1. I sent it to Staples, and blew it up to 2x3 for $3.50. I mounted it to the back of the picture that came in the frame originally. 
The subway art is a compilation of things that describe her. I created it in picasa. Message me if you want a copy. It is in a 16x20 DI frame.
The bird cage is from Ross $15.
The fuchsia mirror is Hobby Lobby, $12.
The light teal frame is a gift from a friend. I am still thinking what to put in it as well.

UPDATE!!! I got the $1 ballerina clip art from an Etsy shop called, Tangels Graphics. You can visit them HERE.

I love it when there is depth to items in a collage wall. The cage is fun!

She loves her desk area, and tells me it makes her happy to look at all the stuff.

Could you DIE over the cuckoo clock??? I LOVE it! I found it for $15 in the classifieds. I gave them $20 because I felt bad. I painted it by hand, because I couldn't find the color I was looking for in spray paint. It was a nightmare It took four coats. I used craft paints, because it was the only color I could find that matched. This is my view from the hall. I LOVE IT!

I had a hard time knowing what to do as far as paint. I just left the hands and the bird white. I love it. Looking at it makes me so happy!!!

Most of the items on her desk are Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, or DI, and many of them are spray painted.

I love her little tutu. She wore this in recital when she was missing front teeth. I love that it matches her room.

You can see how it flows to the door.

I got this mirror at Di for $1, and spray painted it. She loves having it right by her door, so she can check out how she looks right before leaving her room. 

I feel so lucky to have a daughter. We had a great time planning and decorating her room together.

If you like this, please leave a comment, and let me know. Makes it feel worth it for me to take the time to create a blog post.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



Ash said...

I love the knob/frame/tutu idea. I have been looking for a creative (cheap!) way to display my daughters' blessing dresses in their rooms. I think your idea would be so perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Teri said...

So cute Risa! I miss having kids of an age where they actually let you "help" in the design of their room. The last time I did anything else like this is when Taylor had me paint his entire room a dark chocolate brown!

Mitch said...

I'm leaving a comment because you asked so nicely. Why are you so adorable? And could you ship me some of your energy, please? xx Mitch

Dee Dee said...

This is the first time I've seen your blog. I found it through the link to your How To Eat Fried Worms party on Pinterest. I love how (in this post) you used all the colors in the bed cover on the walls. How inspiring. I think your blog is fun and inspiring. I will be back!

beeckerboo said...

Cute,, I love the whole room.. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Really pretty color choices! Thanks for sharing! What a lucky girl!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

So cute!! What a sweet mamma!!

Michelene said...

Looks Awesome. If I ever came VT I could see it in person :)

Anonymous said...

I love the bedding! Where di you get it?

restlessrisa said...

I got the bedding at Marshall's. :)

Chris said...

What or Where is Di?

Chris said...

What is DI?
also do you have a link or Etsy contact for the dancer picture?
I love that and would be perfect for my daughter's room!

restlessrisa said...

Hi Chris! The DI is a thrift store chain in Utah and Idaho, owned and operated by the LDS church. I got the dancer silhouette from Tangeled Graphics. I have included the link above :) Thanks for stopping by!


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