Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Custom Digital Portrait with a coupon code!

I have admired the Etsy shop 
for a couple years now, and I am so thrilled to share with you the digital portrait and Christmas cards I received form them last week. 

This is what I got back. I could die!

I sent a family photo in to her, and asked that I be wearing yellow. I wanted it to match my family room. 

I can't believe what a fantastic job she did. Well, actually, I can. You should visit her shop. You will be amazed at all the fun things she has to offer, like custom wedding invitations, and save the date cards. She has so many fresh and fun ideas!

Here is another angle. It's just too darling! 

She also has really bright and hip holiday templates that she can slip your photo into, for a small fee, so your entire Christmas card is fresh and unexpected.

I put mine in a cute envelope from a party supply store. It fit like a glove! I finished it off with washi tape and a custom address label I made by adding our address to the photo she sent, and printing a bunch of them on sticker paper.

This is part of the Studio 5 custom family photos segment I will be sharing on Thursday. I am crazy about this custom art work, and so SUPER excited to announce that… She will be offering a 20% discount for purchases of $20 or more to my readers and Studio 5 viewers, by entering the discount code: STUDIOFIVE at her store JORDYLUXE during checkout. Woot woot! Thanks jordyluxe!

These are so fun if you just want another fun picture of your family. They are also great if you are wanting to send out a Christmas card, and you have a family member that you are not able to have in the photograph, because they are serving overseas, or on a religious mission, or away at school, or in another state or country. This shop is amazing, and can combine photos. The possibilities are endless.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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Unknown said...

It is so cute! I totally want one!!! I love the address label idea.

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