Monday, January 13, 2014

The Cutest Fishing Pond You Ever Did See

After making my son a fabric campfire, I decided he also needed a fishing pond. Of course he does. Hum, I think someone is a little spoiled. Well, he's the baby. It's my right. Right?

This was SO NOT HARD or expensive. The blue felt is from JoAnn's, and was $2.99 per yard. I used 1 yard, and cut out a large double circle. I laid brown felt on top in layers, and sewed that on, before sewing the blue pieces together. I then turned it right-side-out, and top stitched the side of the pond to close it off.

The grasses are made using the same technique I used to make the rocks and fire see campfire post.

To make the lily pads, cut out double circles, cut a slice out of one side, and top stitch together. It really is that easy.

I love these fish so much. The red gingham is my favorite. They each have a washer from Home Depot near the mouth. To do this, I sewed a small fabric envelope for the washer, and then sewed that into the fish as I sewed the two pieces together.

My frog is a round circle (I cut two). I hit the sides with fray check before sewing up and stuffing. I just cut legs out of felt scraps.

The fishing pole is a dowel from Home Depot. We drilled a hole for the, "fishing line," (twine) in the top, and attached it to a $3 magnet from Home Depot. We used pretty big washers inside of each fish.

It is a pretty good sized magnet, and very strong.  The package said 20lbs.

Right now, the pond lives in his room.

He LOVES playing with it. I don't know if we have ever had a toy he has played with more.

Sometimes he likes to hook the fish to the magnet by hand. 

I like to put some of the extra campfire rocks around the pond. Makes it feel even more real.

Thanks for stopping by. The camping fun doesn't end here. I had a camping inspired birthday party for him that was just darling! I will be sharing that next.

Have a Happy and Creative Day,



Carmen said...

Risa, This is darling. My grandson is only 6 months old and I want to make a set for him so when he is old enough he can play with it at my house! I do have a question though, did you make the tent? Would love directions.

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

That is absolutely adorable! I saw you on Studio 5, and thought, I could totally do this sometime! I loved your tip about finishing things too...let it sit for a minute! I love your budget friendly approach to projects. I will definitely be adding you to my blog list!

restlessrisa said...

Thank you so much. You are so sweet. I hope you do make one, and I want to see a pic :-) I have a craft room full of unfinished projects, haha. Thanks again! -Risa

Alison L said...

Hi there! I can't wait to make one of these for my friend who's doing a pond theme for her little guy's bedroom. I was wondering if you sewed down the lily pads and the rocks? Thanks!

Unknown said...

wow this is a nice post

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