Thursday, February 13, 2014

Russian Craft (St. Basil's Cathedral)

When you think of Russian architecture, chances you probably think of St. Basil's cathedral. Located in Red Square, it was errected between 1555 and 1561, and commissioned by Ivan the Terrible. Topped with colorful "onion domes," it is known for it's beauty and uniqueness. It was the first of it's kind built to that date.

My challenge was to create a replica easy enough for anyone to complete. 

You will need:
Containers of any type, empty or full.
Tissue Paper, like for wrapping presents.
Paper and markers, crayons, etc. (optional)

Give your container a "skirt," by wrapping it with finger gathered tissue paper and tape. I use half a piece, and fold over about 2 inches next to where I tape. It is easiest if you tape the back, followed by the middle, then the sides equally measured, and then gather what's left with your fingers, and add the tape.

After you have finished the gathering, flip the "skirt," up. The tape will now be on the inside. Twist the top, and tape it shut. I will demo it on Studio 5 today, and update this post with the link in a few hours.

If you want to,  you can color on paper, and wrap the bottoms of the buildings with it, so the buildings look finished off.

I don't think it could be any easier.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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shelley said...

So creative and festive !

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