Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sinterklaas Day

We have not celebrated Sinterklaas Day yet this year, because I was sick, then Rhett got strep, then he got his tonsils out. It has been a crazy December! We are planning to do Sinterklaas on Sunday, and hopefully I will be able to update my pictures. These are from four years ago. I was nine months pregnant.

This is an old post from my family blog.

Sinterklaas Eve also happened to be my birthday. So, we celebrated it all. We had dinner in the formal dining room, which is always special and fun.

Wayne and the kids made me a cake.

The kids decorated it. They were sure to put lots of sprinkles on top!

Having your picture taken when you are nine months pregnant is never flattering, but it is what it is!

I love my family! Thanks for the great birthday!

Time for Sinterklaas stories... the stories my dad was told when he was a child, by his father.

The kids love Opa, and love the stories. My dad had a heart attack Feb 26, 2010. I am so glad he made it, and is here to celebrate another holiday with us! Love you Dad!

The kids LOVE trying the shoes on every year!

Look what Sinterklaas brought!





He also left white bread and sprinkles, a traditional Dutch breakfast, eaten with butter on the bread, and then sprinkles on top of that.

Look HOW EXCITED they were to find their shoes! I think they are both jumping!

Sinterklaas left a Sinterklaas nutcracker...

...and a Sinterklaas ornament!

Time for breakfast!

They even got to take it for lunch that day!

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