Thursday, January 22, 2015

Free Valentine Printable for Older Boys - Nose Sharpener

Yesterday, I shared Free Printable Valentines for younger boys. Today, I am sharing a cool, boy humor, Valentine for older boys. My son is SO excited to pass these out. He can't stop laughing every time he picks one up. As a mom of boys, sometimes I just give in to, "boy humor." It is what is, and if it's harmless, I just go with it. You have to pick your battles with boys, especially older boys. I have to admit, I actually think these are kind of clever.

I recorded a Valentine printable segment for Studio 5 (airs Jan 27 1pm mst on KSL 5, or stream it on last week, and my son went with me to the studio. He couldn't leave these nose Valentines alone.

He wanted the picture of us to be holding the nose Valentines.

I made him take a nose free selfie with me.

They read, "This Valentines Day, I just wanted you to know, I PICK YOU."

I got the noses at Zurchers. They were $5.99 for 12. You can also find them here (affiliate link) if you prefer shopping from your couch. They are only $.19 more - you will probably save more in gas money ordering from home. They are high quality, and a good size. 

Here is the free Printable Valentine sheet.

To download, right or two-finger click on the image above. Choose, download file, and save it to your computer. Then, print from wherever you saved it. I offer these Valentine Printables free of charge, and ask that you please use them for personal use only. Thank you!

So, make your older boy's Valentine dreams come true, and let him pass out these funny boy Valentines!

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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