Friday, October 9, 2015

Adding Holiday Decor to your living Space (Halloween)

Every year, when Halloween rolls around, I feel both excitement and dread when it comes to decorating. I like being fun and festive. My kids love it!  On October 1, I get my bins out, and start to decorate. My house is transformed, and feels like a Halloween store. But, as the days tick by, it really starts to make me itch, because it doesn't feel like my house. I like it for about a week, and pretty soon, it's all I can do to force myself not to take it all down before Halloween even hits! I make myself wait until Halloween night. I move most of it to the front porch to make a festive scene, and put the rest of the decorations in bins between answering the door for trick-or-treaters. Is that terrible? I know I am not alone. This year, I decided I was going to make Halloween fit my decor, not make my decor fit Halloween.

Anyone that knows me, knows I like color. I don't like it, I love it! It instantly brightens any space. There are basically two colors I don't decorate with... Orange and Red. This tends to be a problem with the major holidays. I have no problem with other people decorating with orange and red, in fact, like it when I see it in other peoples houses, I just don't love it in my own (besides kids bedrooms). I did have it in my last house, and got my fill, and have been taking a break.

This year, we had some FUN Halloween pictures taken by our awesome photographer Randomly Candid. Please check her out! Her prices and very reasonable, photographs are so beautiful, and turn around is so quick!

You can see the photos HERE. I LOVE decorating with pictures of my family. Family photos are my favorite thing to display, as my kids are my greatest work of art. Cheesy much? Yes. True? Yes.

I blew up a couple of my favorites at Staples, in what's called, "Border Prints." They go up to 18x24, are printed, mounted on foam, and laminated, for one $10 each!!! The quality is awesome. It is usually same day turn around, and you get to take them home and hang them.  They are not listed online for some reason, and when I have done them in the past, I always email my order in, and tell them I want to do a border print. So, call your local Staples, and figure out how they want you to do it. You really can't beat the price and quality.

I feel like they are such a great addition to my Halloween decor. They say Halloween, without making you feel like you are in a Halloween store.

I swapped them out on my wall, for some family photo canvases that were already there, and the transition looks great! I also swapped out another big picture for the Wizard of Oz silhouette I painted a few years back. It feels a little spooky and festive, without screaming, Halloween!

I set out my three witches, and a couple jack-o-lanterns, and I feel like I can live with this through the end of the month.

This dip picture is my favorite. The color is so vibrant with the border prints, I just couldn't get a photo without glare, because of the lamination.

Easy peasy, and not itchy at all. Happy Fall!

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