Sunday, December 13, 2015

Soft Enough For A King (Christmas heirloom tradition)

For Christmas this year, we received the most darling package from a company called, 

It came in a box, beautifully packaged. When I opened it up, I saw the sweetest Baby Jesus, a manger (that did not need to be put together - bonus), a beautiful hard bound book, and sheets of service straw to be placed in the manger when acts of service are performed. My Jesus-loving four-year-old son was with me when I opened the package, and was instantly enamored with what he saw. 

He played with baby Jesus for nearly 2 hours, in a makeshift cardboard stable, and insisted on sleeping with him that night. 

We read the story right away (3 times in a row), and he soon informed me that this is his favorite book. We have read it every day since receiving the package last week. The thing I love about the story, as a mom, is that it is right on the level a young child can understand. We have tried to read a few other nativity stories in the past, and he was easily bored. 

The pictures are charming, and the story encourages children to, be the good, do good, and help others. I wouldn't be able to tell the story as well as the book, and you can read an overview of the story and see actual vibrant yummy pages from the book HERE.

I consider this box an heirloom Christmas decoration/activity. I am thankful to have welcomed this tradition into our Christmas library this year, and hope my children will feel the true spirit of Christmas as they look for reasons to serve each other, and prepare a manger, Soft Enough for a King, this holiday season.

If you would like to purchase your own set of, Soft Enough for a King, Please visit their website at They are offering 15% off this week! These would make fantastic gifts, especially for that person who has everything.

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