Sunday, January 24, 2016

DIY Caveman Costume

These caveman costumes were perfect for the caveman party, and once I got the idea of how to do it, and how easy and inexpensive it would be, I just had to go with it!

You need fleece throws from Walmart. They are $2.88 each. Every throw makes 4 kiddie costumes.
Sewing machine and thread.

Unwrap your blanket. It will be folded in half hamburger style (short way). Unfold it, and fold it in half hot dog style (long way). 

Then, cut 4 equal pieces, as if you were cutting a hotdog in half, then in half again. That's how I did it. I folded it to make the cuts. This is not very scientific, haha.

After you have your four equal pieces cut, you'll need to make a cut for the one shoulder style. 

Cut just a small triangle off, leaving the top fold to go over the one shoulder. Believe me, you want it small, so it doesn't hang too low on your child. Leaving the folded portion will save you time, and having to sew the pieces together for the shoulder.

Then, simply sew a seam up each side, ending at the top on the shorter side, and about 4 inches from the top on the long side. I chain sewed mine, which made it go so fast! I think I finished all 16 of them in about an hour. I also left the stitching that came on the blanket showing. I thought it was extra cute. That's it. You are finished!Believe me when I say, that kids LOVED wearing these! 

I made some for the entire family. This is a bathroom selfie that I snapped right before the party started. I found this cute pick animal print the day before the party. The belt made it look better for a woman.

Next up... the adorable caveman cake!

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