Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Louie The Leprechaun Book and Stuffed Leprechaun review

St. Patricks  Day was the most fun at my house, growing up. The leprechauns would turn milk green, and sometimes do other mischievious things. Nothing like the naughty elf that visits at Christmas... It was just fun to go to bed the night before St. Patricks Day, and wake up to things in the wrong place, and things died green, toilet water included. Our Leprechauns were awesome! I always wondered how they did it all, and why. 

This darling little book was sent to me by the folks at 
It explains the whole thing, and comes with the most darling little stuffed leprechaun, named Louie!

This book is sweet, and engaging. My son was enthralled! We opened the package together, and he was so excited. He almost burst! We read the book together, and then he insisted on, "reading," it to me six more times. Louie did not leave his side for a whole day, and I finally had to put him out of reach so he was still in great condition for this post, incase I needed anymore pictures. He asked to sleep with Louie! He will get to now. I can't wait to tel him.

Every day, he asks me when the leprechauns are coming. There is something about having a fun toy and book set to really bring the magic to life for a child.

If you are looking for a fun, sweet, and low maintenance tradition to start for your family, check out Loiue The Leprechaun
I think this will become a beloved tradition for our family. I only wish I had it for the big kids when they were young!

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