Thursday, October 3, 2019

DIY Halloween Bats, made from Christmas Ornaments!

These little bats are the cutest thing, and so easy to make!

You need:

Small Black Christmas ornaments.
Black Lace
Black Felt
Jewels for Eyes


scissors and a hot glue gun

Cut a 1"x1" and a 1"x2ish" shape out of the felt. Fold each piece in half and cut the small one into the shape of the head, and the large one into the shape of the feet. 

Glue the feet to the top of the ornament. The bat will hang upside down. 

Glue the head to the bottom. 

Glue the eyes on. 

Glue the wings, either wrapped around the bat, or squeeze together to make open wings, and glue to the sides. 

Hang them up! I found a branch from my yard for hanging them. They were so fast and easy, I made a whole bunch! 

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