Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New lights... before and after

I have never liked the arrangement of the lighting in our family room, and I don't take credit for it either. Wayne agreed to put in new fixtures, at least until we can put in 6 to 8 cans around the fan. This is what we had yesterday:

I forgot to take a picture until after the power was off, and I had the first light out.

This is what we have now. Aren't they lovely!?! I have to say puting in a fan, is much more work than a regular light! Man, I had NO IDEA!

It makes a little more sense for the for now, and I am hoping the fan will help out with the power bill this summer :)

I love the finish on the glass especially! It works well with my colors.

I went to change the light in the bathroom, and the builder didn't put a box in the wall... it was just wires poking out of dry wall!!! I'm in limbo with that one, as I don't think it is up to code. I am waiting to hear from the electrician before I install the new one :(


Wendy said...

I really like the fan! It looks great!

Brad Kami and kids said...

Sooo pretty- I like the pattern on the glass too!

Rona Terburg said...

Ris---it looks WAYYYYYYYYYYY better! They are lovely and SO go with your decor!!! I think replacing light fixtures is a fun project because you feel so proud of yourself. YOU SHOULD!

Anonymous said...

Risa-I love it. Good pick on the lights. We have those lights in our house and I so don't love them either. That is strange how they put three in a row like that. Weird Woodside!!! Hope you are doing great. We should try again to get together soon. I love talking with you!!!

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